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  1. I'm going to keep trying to get a answer from someone. I'll hop on the discord at some point this week if necessary. In the mean time anyone who's interested in throwing there fist's into the ring you will need to have 2k worth of funds available. Winning will net you 10-20k depending on how many contendors. I have 2 opening's for security, I'll pay 3k a hour plus provide a fire arm, and if you have to fire you weapon in defense of yourself or the club a bonus will be provided. Don't be a dick though we are not a gang. I really wanted to do this on Saturday or Sunday. Even if the Government doesn't give me a response, or gives a negative one we are in Los Santos Soooo there's always illegal methods :). Mike M. (M SGT. James Philly)
  2. Was wondering if the powers at be could possibly give me a permit to allow a fight club business model. I could, of course, do this illegally in character, but do not want to tie up any law enforcement with the actions of the club. I spoke with police officers and EMS staff and they agreed doing it would be a good idea but none have the authority to give a green light. The only thing I am asking is to allow me to recruit an EMS staff member to be on sight for the fights to deter any calls that would tie up other ems staff or officers. I have my own personal security staff and no money would be exchanged on sight to avoid the crim characters on the server form robbing the club. My plan is to have my staff issue "/me searches person for weapons" commands to at least in roleplay take the contenders and patrons weapons. then have bets and a grand prize with a small buy-in for the contenders. Also, have select players bring food and medical supplies for a vendor like position. All this can be roleplayed in character without the assistance of the Government but could drastically affect the already understaffed police force. All I'm asking is an admin or mod to give some type of legitimacy to the event so getting an EMS on staff and keeping people in line will be a bit easier. I will record with OBS during the Club events and post them on the forum so the powers at be can moderate the events for any breaking of server rules. this will give some of the players with money and time invested in the server something to do other than Grind money and chill at legion. thanks alot. Mike M. (M SGT. James Philly)
  3. Pretty sure this has been asked for, but a incharacter sub thread so the community can plan in game, in character meet ups and planned events.( party on the yacht BYOB) or ( brother hood of the lost recruiting this weekend meet at....) Thanks.
  4. thanks for the reply! just thought i would throw some ideas in the melting pot. I agree vigilante justice isn't something the government should rely on, but hey my char Philly is no vigilante. He is a certified Securo agent. sooooo, I'm good ;p.
  5. For a public light rp server the amount of rdm and vdm has been very low. The addition of the license system will almost completely stops new players "Henrys" from getting in the server and rampaging. In the servers current state I think events to promote a good and bad guy theme would be fun. I know everyone wants to rob a bank or be able to steal directly from players, but not everyone knows how hard it is to Implement these changes. So here's some ideas i havent heard constantly and how the can generate roleplay. Cargo theft- NPC operated vehicles that hold exclusive goods that need to be fenced to aquire captial. Gun Running- transporting illegal Firearms through the water or air specifically can Net players unique illegal Firearms to be used in other Ventures. Will make illegal Firearms with more potential harder to come by and cost drastically more, but will obviously give the one too succeed significant advantage over other players. Bank robbery event- the illegal infoment (still not really sure what he's used for) once paid can give information ((when the bank is loaded with cash)) and the items and steps needed to be able to rob a particular bank. This will allow Admins to control the amount of PD on the server and give the government a way to make sure there is not constant abuse of the bank robbery system. Security guard/ mercenaries/ private detectives players can guard or help capture the criminals who atempt these actions. Players can get in with a group planning on attempting and inform the police (snitches).
  6. Mike irl, James philly in game. Today at work. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxecHJMDeC-DUGozVmZaYlJ5N2s/view?usp=drivesdk.jpg Before the fall showers. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxecHJMDeC-DX3hHYjdQX2tHSDA/view?usp=drivesdk.jpg Promoting my brothers Company. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxecHJMDeC-DSnZHZTZubzNFbEk/view?usp=drivesdk.jpg
  7. The biggest thing is to make business more legit. Having a actual government oriented location, will make players more comfortable spending there hard earned funds there. I'm happy my idea has some interest, Thanks for the input. https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=643s&v=oNNKClZdWN4 A bunch of locations that you can access without exploits.
  8. I call them Henrys, but that's my point. I met some guy yesterday named Jake. Dude was cool and needed a ride from prision. First day on the server ended up In prision and downed multiple time. He was really new to rp, so I offered him a job and explained how certain things work. He might not be the best role player or most unique character. At least the dude was chill and trying to learn and rp. Also put forth the effort to change his "Henry" model and buy a vehicle without blowing up OOC. #igotanewSoldier
  9. In short, when you meet someone who is trying to rp but is new to the server, lend a helping hand instead of pulling your gun and robbing them. Mabey let them rock with you and show them how to role play on Badlands successfully.
  10. Yea I agree a residencie shouldn't need to be claimed. While on my search for Seco PMC head quarters I ran into many problems. Attempted robberies at a store front by people not wanting to leave "private" property, so deciding to just rob a PMC being the obvious solution. Police threating to Arrest me and my associates for trespassing during a unfortunate accident with the edge of a building. I have a good and unique business model, And want to make it as legit as possible. I think people would benifit from this in general knowing that the services provided would be by a group that put in the work and have the funds for the building there operating from. I think showing your business model and informing the government of your employees names and job title would be a interesting and useful addition to the idea.
  11. I've been looking for a in game property that I could use as a hub for my business. I have found a bunch of locations that are perfect. Unfortunately no one seems to respect the effort I've made to find and the time my char Philly has spent taking to locals trying to rp the rental of the said vacant spaces. Cops threaten trespassing arrests. Other players say it's not my property and they don't have to leave. Normally I wouldn't care, i would just continue doing my thing and ice anyone who trespasses. Since there is no option to legitimize me being in the area other than role play. This will lead to my arrest. Can we please figure out a way to rent properties that are already in the game. There are so many that would lead to unique role play scenarios and player investment in the server. Also would be quite simple to implement. I have no game design back round but understand the hurtles you DEVs go through. A simple sticky forum thread with properties listings and a ingame realtor would be a great start. There are easy a hundred already available locations that would be great for this, the thread would give the police the ability to govern and the money given to the realtor could be used to stimulate the in-game economy, through events like boxing matches or car shows. Down the line mabey an option to spawn vehicles there, to store clothing models or goods. Some players have money with nothing to spend it on. This would give them something to work towards. There are youtube videos with all locations listed, you would be suprised how many there are. My two cents.
  12. My character is a dishonored vet, who became a hired gun while AWOL overseas. He is a agressive personally named James Philly. I always try to role play first, like "what would Philly do" always comes to mind. It works well and dispite running from cops, gun fights with gangs and drug running, The agressive Philly still takes the time to make contact with new people to the city, and try and make the city that he calls home less daunting. The new residents of LS need to be treated better so they stay interested in the sever and having RP heavy players show them the way stop all the bullshit and frustration they have and they give. Mind you if the dudes a bozo give him a asshole welcome party, but all you rp vets should try to lend a helping hand, and teach them how and when to do things. My two cents.
  13. Small but great. The community and admins/devs on this server have blown away my expectations. Been here for a month and can't stop. Looking foward to more!
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