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  1. Where can i find the forum for ems?
  2. NEW RACE EVENT Any MOTORIZED vehicle, Except SUPER or SPORTS cars: REWARDS: 1st place= $8k-$10k 2nd place= $5k 3rd place= $3k Entry FEE: $500 (need some income) Location: Every Race meet is at the back hanger at the Airport. When: EVERY Wednesday! Contact: City Phone: 362-0940 Email: [email protected] Discord: d0nutG8z.tv#1186 Time: Race will START around 5-6pm (MST) SPORT and SUPER cars: REWARDS: 1st Place= 8k 2nd Place= 4k Entry FEE: $1,000 Location: Back Hanger [email protected] the airport When: EVERY Friday Contact: (SAME^) Time: Meet around 5-6pm (MST) DRAG RACE: REWARDS: 1st Place=2k 2nd Place=$100 (2 racers) Entry FEE: $50 Location: SANDY Airport Hanger (next to 2/5 mechanic) When: EVERY Monday Contact: (SAME^) Time: 3-4pm (MST) (ADS WILL BE POSTED IN CITY AND TWEETED) (MORE TO COME) Donations are Welcomed and Accepted! (In game cash) Remember If we don't have any Income, we can not presume this event! Last time I hosted this we had many many many happy people at the end. LOTS of GREAT feedback, would such to have to shut the program down! Also if you want to sell food or items there, make sure to contact me at info above. THANKS TO ALL AND HOPE THINGS WORK OUT!
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