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  1. I will second that but there has been a big issue lately with the city and people having major headaches especially around pd with there lights on
  2. You could do it through bennys I was throwing up an idea for maybe future things to be added
  3. https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/tuning-service-vespucci-menyoo Adding another shop with possibility of getting nos for racing also adding more drift cars different events means more rp
  4. Honestly Didn't even think about it like that but yeah I suppose that could work. Or could we see the possibility of a second phone like Kevin gates haha. just an additional thought
  5. Seeing if some others out there think the same? If there could be the ability to post an ad under a false name so that the cops actually have to set up sting/stakeouts to catch bigger crims. This could potentially bring more rp and allow criminals to take more risks with ads.
  6. I completely agree with what you stated here and I guess my understanding of the LSPD and BCSO were a bit different and this could be due to things not being clear(While in City). To see the gang rules updated a little bit would be great and a new way to report things. As I was explained to last night I would have to wear a body camera and have a recording device to save clips of what happened for anyone to take action or it gets swept under the rug.(This is no regard means the admins or mods are not doing their jobs because they are). It to me just seems like if Officers/deputies are matching the calls with appropriate force it would be great. Okay so I love this city and all the RP that comes with it but it just seems like there needs to be a little update on rules/laws
  7. With population booming and gangs becoming a regular thing with growing and splitting to form other groups, Things need to be updated. I see this a lot in the city that most new gangs do not follow the rules with the limit of numbers allowed in a RP scenario and things get out of hand quickly. This either needs to be enforced more or just not at all, Now the cops (Who are all good at what they do) I do believe they shouldn't be working together and it should be more realistic, Like the city pd and the sheriff should be different and have different guidelines as in real life. We don't need city and sheriff cops at one scene to handle things. Also on the topics of cops I feel as they should have to read some sort or Miranda rights to the crim. It has gotten a lot tougher to be a criminal these past few weeks as the outstanding number of pd that are responding to a call. If the sheriff show up its there call and vise versa with city pd. They should only be able to joint a scene if pd is being shot at or doing raids. This is just my rant sorry about it i just think the rules need to be updated and new ones to be established.
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