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  1. I play as Rhys Crowley, Drl McBeetus, Ashley Natas, and Elias Ryker Rhys Crowley is an ex bounty hunter from Liberty City who moved to Los Santos to escape his violent past. He became Head of Security for a business known as V&A. As time went by and tensions rose in the business the group seemily fell apart at the seams. Rhys then dedicated most of his time to being an EMT for the LSFD. Applying for a promotion to become an AEMT and eventually working his way into Search and Rescue. Drl McBeetus is a homeless individual with sensitive hearing. He's often seen wearing ear protection and roaming the streets in search of garbage to salvage for food and drink. Ashley Natas is a cruel, insensitive, angry person. He's often involved in street fights and robberies, both on others, and being robbed himself. He's slowly developing what appears to be split personality as he often wakes up in strange places with no memory of prior events and blood on his hands and clothing. Elias Ryker is a law abiding citizen, a few speeding tickets as a youth that have been removed from his record. His recent move to the city of Los Santos has got him into the thoughts of joining the local police force. He has yet to fill out the paper work as he's still adjusting to the recent move.
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