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  1. EMS here, our dispatch is very similar (and I'm sure it's the same for PD). I have to give you +9999 on that request for a timestamp. The BadEats orders fall into the same F4 dispatch screen, where we have a way to 'x' out the old orders. From what I've experienced, closing out an order doesn't cancel it, nor does it wipe it from other workers dispatch screens. Would that be helpful for the tow dispatch? EMS is the only time I want to keep that backlog, especially when I have police questioning me about the location, I like having the history in that case. I don't mind not being able to clear them out so long as the newest dispatch shows at the top. If anything, our biggest headache is when a call is made, then the person moves or gives up (goes to the light, or lets someone carry them to Pillbox) before we can arrive on scene. I think tow has the same concerns, fake Tow calls n' such. Not sure how to counter that though...
  2. There are a few seafood themed restaurant buildings around the map, I'd love to see another restaurant open up that could use the fish caught by players. Heck, even a Fish Taco from the taco trucks would be amazing. Might help them out, especially since their regular tacos lost their flavor recently.
  3. Remind me not to be on shift when your monster orders come through, you monsters!
  4. +1 Perhaps car-jackers would need a special tool to disable the tracker, otherwise stealing from another Civ would be kind of pointless.
  5. Firstly, I absolutely LOVE the new BadEats app. However, there's no way for me to disable incoming orders when I am not working at the restaurant. This would only be a minor inconvenience, however when I am clocked into EMS, the notifications are coming into my dispatch. I haven't had too many issues, I just have to be very diligent to make sure my SOS calls are not buried, but it can get a little crazy on busy nights. Hopefully we can get a way to clock in and out of Burger Shot, the same way that I clock into EMS to get Dispatch messages.
  6. I think someone said it was disabled while the FiveM folks "fix stuff," but who knows what that could mean.
  7. If repairing gets harder, there will definitely be more wrecked cars around town. Should probably give EMS the ability to request impounds on crashed vehicles blocking roadways. *Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge*
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