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  1. I hope your business picks up!! I wish there were less garages so people wouldn't just go get their car right away, I've had so many fun experiences with taxi drivers, it's a shame they don't get good RP (or money to be a sustainable job) and eventually just stop doing it. I'll make sure i call you next time im in town
  2. yes @Kota Taylor you are completely right i am the odd one out.
  3. I say go there at your own risk... or just remove the room altogether. Its just another thing out there to draw people away from RPing.
  4. So right now you can only rob stores and from what i hear it's always the same, go in, say they have a hostage, demand free passage, shootout. What if, we set a few more locations for more elaborate heists, (ie: jewelry stores, banks, dealerships, whatever) but for each heist you need the following: A specialist to disable the alarms/security cameras A specialist to crack the vaults Informer -> this guy would know the locations that are more vulnerable or that have the big loots, so they wouldn't be marked on the map, but they could (after gaining the skill) see them after triggering something and would ideally rotate. Now, these specialists should actually get those skills from actual learning and training (maybe something like the aptitude system), so to pull off these jobs, you'd have to work with a crew of people that actually have the skills to do it. I know it's a development challenge, but I think it would add for character development, and incentive people to RP to find the right crews, and if they are good at it, the chances that police will get alerted are less. I haven't put much thought to this I just came up with it, maybe it can trigger some good/possible ideas.
  5. Right now there are a couple groups of people doing scrapyard RP, it's gonna be quick money but you have to earn it with good RP
  6. Quick example related to this: you lockpick an armored truck (assuming you will be able to drive it since many vehicles have their engines disabled) and go do your RP.. the police stops you and there is nothing you can say to convince them it's YOUR vehicle or registered to the company you work for whatever... your whole scenario gets interrupted cause you are facing charges for GTA now. Yes, RP comes from players, but you said it yourself, you have been developing for 2 years, which in some level i hope you agree that mechanics and in-game additions help support RP, abuse and misuse should be a concern but not a limiter imo. And what I am personally asking for is the chance to discuss, and maybe question that Focus on RP doesn't only come from development but from Administration too and in general from the players of badlands.
  7. At what point are we going to start developing and working towards RP though? I mean I know it's a public server but it is an RP server, it's not Second Life. Ive said a million times I am happy with Badlands being open for everybody, and all kinds of players having their space here, but what are the priorities? I've also said this a million times, why not start focusing in improving RP experience and whoever is not interested in that they can still do their thing. Restricting or disregarding cool features due to trolls/shitlords/failRPers seems to be always the premise for everything, why not focus on good fun RP as the point of start, and then we deal with those players that abuse or misuse systems or mechanics? Sorry for going off-topic, I hope we can have that community meeting soon, we do have ideas and suggestions if you guys are willing to give this a chance
  8. Well just to clarify, i never meant that we craft the actual items and you spawn random objects at anyone's will, all i was asking for is a way to just add items in our inventory (that do nothing) that could be renamed, so you could give them, trash them or store them. But ill take anything!
  9. This post is not to bash on PD, I personally wanted to have an idea if we were the only ones doing it lol and then if there is enough players that are looking for the same kind of interactions to warrant a debate about it, that's all
  10. Please bear with me on this one, I will try to explain as shortly and eloquently as possible. Many times in RP you can just talk about anything... what you are doing, who you are, what you do for a living, what hobbies you have, whatever. RP it out, people go along with it. I truly believe in certain cases, some sort of visual aid or concrete physical items (not just abstract words) to support your RP really helps to make things flow better. So this is my idea: Mobile Crafting Station or Crafting kit. You start crafting an item (wherever you want on the map, your place of business, the hospital you are raiding, a hot dog food-cart, whatever), the first choice you have to make is whether if it is a legal or illegal item. It takes so many minutes, and you are in an animation for that time. If crafting a legal item: You just wait till you have it, then it will be in your inventory, and you would have the possibility to name that item however you want. voila. If crafting an illegal item: Animations should take longer, and a notification should be sent to the police about an Illegal activity happening or whatever. Now obviously these items don't do anything. So if you want to RP you are the biggest arms dealer in LS and craft a bunch of illegal weapons, this mechanic would just help you support your RP with the understanding that people will buy those guns to follow that RP and not to actually use them. - Of course the people that want to craft illegal items and claim they are crafting legal ones.. well... too bad for them missing that RP opportunity with the cops.. it's their loss and I honestly hope I don't run into these players. This would help a lot when dealing with police (whether they got the notification or not) because obviously when they search you or your car, they actually SEE the evidence right there. Even if you drop the item, they see the bag and " Oh what the hell is a Catscan doing in the middle of your scrapyard Mr. Eddie"? or whatever lol I also think this would really help with people developing their own characters and possible different businesses or entrepreneurship.. No more selling moonshine in vodka labeled bottles... Make it that the kit breaks or wears out after so many items, i dont care, as long as it doesnt cost a million bucks because the whole idea behind this is not to grind but to have fun RPing. (on the bright side, if this helps build a player based economy and people make actual money then AWESOME) I hate to say this (for good potential RP reasons) but there should be one big exception for this, but I don't know how to announce it or implement it, that people should not be crafting documents/forged fake government ids or anything that goes against LSPD SOPs or that would aid Civilians Rights as stated on the forums. (please please don't just disregard this idea for possible abuse unless i missed something bigger than this one)
  11. We actually talked about this in the last EMS meeting, I will contact Staff about it, thanks for your suggestion @Chan Wong.
  12. There is always gonna be a meeting point where most of the shitshows happen. History proves it. Removing it won't change that. Now... It is true: the people that dont want to participate in that, simply go to another repair shop and repair the car themselves, mostly (at least in my experience) because i get zero RP out of going to 2/6. That being said, i have met real good mechanic RPers there too, it's a matter of chance, the problem is in 10 seconds it could turn into chaos and then i just choose to move on. My suggestion is that the real good mechanics that are in it for the RP and not the social game (that mostly turns into shitshow) start picking other repair shops, I will always go to any repair shop that is on the clock no matter where its located, simply because im looking for that kind of interaction. Let the people that still want to meet there be there.. but give the chance to people that want to repair their cars with a good mechanic go somewhere else.
  13. @Mia Sarah Morgan THANK YOU for such fun RP every time I run into you as a cop (and all your other characters) I appreciate how you go along with everyone's RP and manage to make it entertaining and worth everybody's time. You rock
  14. I guess this is more of a decision from staff? I dont know PD SOPs, i basically thought of that (even though AI sucks) to help with the RP on police scenes with innocent casualties. Maybe they dont even get to get healed? they could just get literally transported to the hospital to re spawn.
  15. I really like the idea, i think it will be really good for RP in those scenes, the big issue i have with this is death. Since we technically don't die, it seems too permanent in terms of character development... come out of the hospital after re spawning saying "I died" makes no sense to me. (but since the animations and props proposed kinda said you did, you have to go along with it) or maybe im being too technical. Just a thought: Would it be possible that PD calls AI EMS, so an ambulance arrives, PD puts the patient in the ambulance, they get automatically transported to the hospital, and when they come out of the ambulance they are healed? Only PD could do this when EMS is not online, not civs.
  16. i love this!! dont even know if its possible, but group chat on the phone would be sooo immersive, and hopefully people would actually stop using discord, and communicate in-game in character.
  17. which is what kills RP instantly.... some of us are actually trying to do the laundry business right... taking dirty money and giving fake invoices and stuff... we have a whole system to launder the money through the stores, but why would they do it with us when they can just rent a store and price a cigarette for 200K without paying any fees?
  18. There are situations when we can't get close to the patient, move in to revive. This is when this change would come in handy, to let the patient know why we can't assist. when everything is clear then yes of course we treat them right at the spot.
  19. A while ago there was a change implemented that whenever you go down, your voice volume goes automatically to whisper. While I see one benefit to this change, it also has a big negative impact for EMS when trying to communicate with the patient at a distance. Many times when for different reasons we can't move in to assist that patient, because they can't hear us saying what's going on, they just think we are abandoning them, or not doing our jobs. Before, when we would set our volume to yell, and approach them as close as possible they could still hear us. Can we revert this please?
  20. Welcome to BadlandsRP
  21. unfortunately taxi job is not something people do often and consistently.. from what i know everybody that tries to do that job either dont get enough money, or don't get enough RP. Having a group of cabbies hanging out there is just that, a group of people RPing they are taxi drivers but not doing the job, they might as well hang out at 2/6... however, i love the idea! I think we all need to start thinking bigger and seeing opportunities to interact with other players more often. Instead of tweeting out "can someone bring me a repair kit, im stranded" call a cab. But, there are never cabs on duty.. so it's a gradual change, but we all need to commit to start somewhere. stop grinding, find jobs that are RPd, get paid by players and not mechanics, give that money back to other players doing other jobs... no more one person jobs, team up, actively look for RP and seize opportunities that will bring people together to interact. Im done, sorry for going a bit off-topic there
  22. Nice to see you are back
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