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Found 2 results

  1. I'd like to start a discussion about the current state of how things are within the city right now, from all perspectives possible - so feel free to add in any thoughts as well. To start, I'd like to point out that the interaction between players lately has been incredibly low compared to that of the past, which can be attributed to a lot of factors that will be discussed. With the current economy, scuba diving is obviously the king of making money upfront, with the massive payouts and non-existent risk of jail time or hefty fines. While I am all for a well-paying legal job, this job in particular is incredibly anti-social and thwarts the concept of drugs for its "no risk - high reward" payout. In my opinion, scuba needs to be nerfed to be more in line with growing weed, or all the drugs need a buff in some way to make them the "huge risk - huge reward" they're supposed to be. With the recent change to how dirty money is cleaned, drugs have become all that much more nerfed in comparison to scuba diving. When the purchase to start cleaning money is initiated, there is a huge chance that the police will be at the store within minutes, sometimes only allowing us to clean around $6,000-$10,000 before they show up, which brings up another huge point. Currently, many police officers simply just stand in the store and look at the shelves during a raid, which, as Vagos, we will always defend our store in the event that the police attempt to raid it. Should we defend it successfully, we'll only be allowed the time to clean roughly another $30,000 before another raid is attempted with either more backup or more firepower, or both. If we were to unsuccessfully defend the store, we not only lose the money in the safe, but we are also going to lose all the money that was cleaned in fines/restitution. It also seems that there has been a huge lack of gang-police RP, which is unhealthy. Gangs and PD are always going to co-exist in some way and there's been a huge rift in that relationship as a result of the way many members of PD treat gangs through the use of full fines/time and sometimes excessive amount of force or stereotyping, which seriously kills the desire to RP as a gang. Obviously there are plenty of times where gang RP can get out of control, however the overall RP shouldn't be discouraged. If gangs were to disappear from the city, cops would be bored writing speeding tickets and conducting welfare checks and dealing with occasional drug calls, much like it is now with the majority of people scuba diving instead of interacting through illegal activities. Speaking with several PD members, I have heard that the thrill of dealing with a street gangs makes PD much more interesting and fun compared to chasing drug calls on the pier throughout a shift, because of the constant threat of being attacked or kidnapped, and many have told me they would like to see more gang RP taking place, such as Vagos vs. Ballas, etc. in order to change up the monotony of routine patrolling, and that includes myself as a police officer. From an EMS perspective, there hasn't been much to do as a result of the huge amount of scuba divers. There is rarely any calls for angry locals downing civs for bumping into them while selling drugs, or hardly any PD/Civ interactions that end in EMS being called after a shootout or a chase ending with someone not wearing a seat belt. A large majority of the calls are from people who want to get back on their feet and get back to making their wine or whatnot. So my suggestion is to rework some of the payouts for the drug system and to re-balance scuba diving in order to encourage more RP among players within the Civ-EMS-PD triangle. Reworking the dirty money system some more would also encourage more stores to be opened for cleaning and a rework to the steps PD would have to take in order to respond to a suspicious transaction (such as having to check the FIB building, having to actually see proof of a transaction, or even just temporarily closing down the store instead of closing it for that person for the storm) would also increase the value of stores/store raids.
  2. *Disclaimer* (Long Rant) First off, let me just say that by 'Nobody' I mean a fairly new FiveM player that enjoys the Civilian aspects of RP servers. As all RPers do, they have scenarios in their head of how they want their character to progress/evolve within and along side the world. I have been server hopping, and noticing a continuing trend within the FiveM player base. Almost every server is just a glorified LSPDFR / LEO centered roleplay community. I've spent at least a few weeks in different servers and everything revolves around LEOs and the server rules. No if, ands, or buts about it. It's quite a problem in my opinion. The LEOs are also normally in a position of higher power within the server and have no governing factor to their actions. Just last night I had an LEO on a different server break character and SOPs just because the 'regulars' and him are friends within the community. I didn't get a say in my jail time, or in the case/incident. Just BAM hauled to jail. I know this is long, but it will all lead to good things. I became frustrated that almost every server I join leaves civilians with no story, other than to just get caught speeding, running lights, and getting fined for glitches within the mechanics. (Accidentally hitting locals/NPCs, etc) THEN, I found Badlands. Persistent character progression, saved outfit/model choice, great money payouts for CIVILIAN jobs, etc, etc. During my stays in BADLANDS, I was able to role-play a Bike messenger, which was fuckin' awesome. (Excuse my enthusiasm) I grinded that out, had a fun few interactions with other civilians and of course EMS. Everything that is going on in Badlands is such a step up in the right direction for Role-play and FiveM in general. My only complaint....I almost never see others. I ride around, stop at the Legion square, Police Stations, and other areas that would see high traffic, and haven't seen anyone. This may be my lack of time after doing my job to make a little cash, but it's been a problem for me to actually RP, outside of groans and "i was hit by a NPC/Local, help me". Despite getting attacked by "terrorists/hackers" I will continue to spend time in the Badlands Community. It has the best Civilian mechanics of any server and needs to be the standard for RP servers. TL;DR Badlands is dope, coming from a FiveM noob who is tired of the LEO focused RP servers, and snobbery of other communities when it comes to rules and admins. If you've read everything, please feel free to reply and discuss. I'm curious if anyone shares my opinion. Thanks. ~Phvntom
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