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Keybinds and /Commands


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M = open menu for inventory, vehicle emote and wallet options
I = open inventory hotkey including dropped items on the ground
O = open tablet hotkey
Backspace/escape/left arrow = close or previous menu
Enter/left click/right arrow = select
Up and down arrow = cycle options
Left Alt = 3rd Eye Interaction Menu
/fixmenu if the menu wheel is stuck on your screen
/fixvoice Will restart voice if you cant hear people

N = Push to talk/ talk on phone ( can be rebound thru press ESC>Settings>Key bindings>GTA Online
~ = cycle voice range
z = cycle radio channels
/volume = will display the current volume of both the phone and radio
/volumeset phone or radio (0-100) = This will change the volume of the phone or radio
Caps Lock= PTT on radio ( can be rebound thru press ESC>Settings>Key bindings>FiveM
J = open radio (Must own a radio. Turn it on in inventory. Press J to pull it out, e to turn it on and arrows and enter to choose frequency)
Delete = open phone
/notepad = continuous note doc

F3 = toggle selfie/camera mode (backspace to cancel)
F5 = toggle GPS (enable item in inventory)
Shift F5 = hide HUD
F6 = player list

/help = common commands
/muteooc = toggle ooc chat visibility
/mutead = mute ads
/mutequit = mutes exit and crash msgs


Left arrow = left blinker
Right arrow = right blinker
Down arrow = hazards
U = lock vehicle/anchor boat
G = turn on/turn off engine. Hold g to slide from passenger to driver seat
K = seat belt on/off
B = access vehicle glove box

/carry to carry a person. /carry to stop. If you are being carried, /carry to be put down.
/inside to get in and out of a trunk.
/cut to remove zip tie, must have blade in hand (cops use handcuff). 

use M menu
Y = cancel emote (not all can be cancelled, use emote menu reset option)

/emotebind (Num6 - Num9)

X = hands up
X then Left Ctrl = hand behind head on knees
B = point

Character Customization:
Barbershop - change character models (npc and multiplayer custom male and female models)
                    - customize hair, makeup etc
Pillbox surgery room - full character customizations, gender, features, skin etc

Clothing Store - customize clothing

/regear - put glasses, hat back on after they have been knocked off
/h 1 or 0 - hat on and off
/g 1 or 0 - glasses on and off
/mask 0 or 1 - mask on and off
/removemask - Removes any mask worn by another player

Weazel News Job (must be clocked in)

/cam - pull out camera
/bmic - pull out boom mic
/mic - pull out hand mic

Ordering Food

/badeats - access a menu for ordering food for pickup and delivery from player run restaurants

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NOTE: Blinkers can be changed in the game keybindings. Left blinker is "Previous Custom Radio Track", Right blinker is "Next Custom Radio Track"

- All Keyboard Layout -

F5 = hide minimap
Shift + F5 = hide all HUDs


- Spanish Keyboard Layout -
((Different keys only, the rest is the same))

ñ = cycle voice/hearing distance

+ = left blinker  (+ sign near the letter keys, keypad doesn't work)
- = right blinker (-  sign near the letter keys, keypad doesn't work)

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