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Feedback - Gustavo A.

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Started up being met by a nice screen with details, didn't figure out how to scroll down to read the rest however. 
A free bike as a way to start seems like a great idea, especially for players who have in mind of not being a criminal, this makes it possible, instead of being forced.

All cars are unlocked, no need for picklocks or anything. Not sure of related to alpha state, but it is a little boring.

After death, it seemed like I did not lose anything of value. Would like to lose at least what's inside the wallet.



Marijuana run was fun, not too time consuming and with a payment that is reasonable. Hard for police to get to any of the fields as they're out of town, possibly making it too easy. A system to alert police that someone is running it may be too overpowered for the police, but would make the job more risky, which it should be.

Deliveree was joyful, but only having 4-5 locations, buying only tacos and water it became a little boring. You're paid way too much for how short the runs are, I believe it's $200/taco and $100/water making the profit incredibly high. I suggest more locations, a bigger variety of orders and what they want and a nerf of the payment.

Mechanic sounded fun, and was alright. The kit however is $650 and you need one for each repair. Had a job of 3 repairs paying $2500, making the profit 550, which is less than you'd be paid for a quick delivery. Should in my opinion pay better than some guy who picks of food for you.



Driving is decent, but it could need some tweaks to differ and become better



Food and drinks are a bit expensive. Keeping hunger and thirst up should not be an expensive, but more a thougthful addition, so that you'll have to remember buying and consuming it, but not feel like death is a less costy way around the system.

Cars are generally fine, but the Smart (Forgot ingame name of it) sold for $500 seems a bit too easy to obtain. I suggest having the more average cars set up a bit, so that a Smart would perhaps be around $3-5K. You could right now buy 7 Smart cars for the price of a pistol.



Server is great. I've enjoyed my time here. It isn't a too tight RP server, yet paramedics etc. so far seem to still want to roleplay it to the fullest, not just resurrecting you and saying "here, bye". 
Jobs are exciting, there are variations which is great, and you're not forced into illegal activity to gain profit. With this said, I still think that everything overall is a tad too well paying. It wouldn't take many hours driving the delivery job to earn some big bucks. It lacks some details in the jobs to make them a bit more interesting, and they need some adjusting in payments etc.

The server economy so far would in my opinion not work out. Money are way too easy to gain. I know You do not strive towards having a fully serious RP server, but making it too easy to achieve, gives some complications, as it may end up being boring because you can easily achieve the top in the current state. 

It has a lot of potential and I am going to stick around, with some adjustments and the improvements you've already spoken about I do believe this could become a very great success! 8/10


I'll add more to this list when I try out more stuff. :-) 



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@Gustavo A. Holy amazing feedback. I'm going to try and hit each of your points!

  • Loading message: What do you mean scroll down to read the rest of it? What resolution do you play on? The loading message should fit fully within your screen.
  • Glad you liked the free bikes, we added a 5 min cool down timer so people didn't keep piling them up in the road.
  • You should lose all items on your person including cash on hand. In addition your aptitude resets (right now you gain increased carrying capacity from gathering jobs)
  • For all illegal areas police will be doing random patrols to check. With a smaller police force there isn't a ton of risk but that will change as server capacity grows and as we recruit more cops.
  • Next patch will have some reduced payouts for delivery missions. I will work on adding more locations and prior to launch we will add variety to the items being requested for delivery.
  • Can you elaborate on the driving comment?
  • We wanted there to be some cheap vehicles so players just joining could have transportation that was reasonable. There will be more price adjustments as we see how players use vehicles and which ones have more value in terms of functionality.
  • Food and Drinks have remained at the same price but we have adjusted the consumption levels (it was found to be broken) so you won't have to eat or drink as often. I think this is in a much better state after the recent fix.
  • Creating an economy from scratch is challenging and I am working to try and balance things out. I understand people are making some good money and have been making minor adjustments to tune it into a better state. The feedback really helps us achieve a better balance.
  • Vehicles are all locked now! You can check out recent patch notes about that:
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