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How To Use Scenes


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Here is a small and easy to follow guide on how to set up and use scenes within the server. 

Scenes are a great tool for people to use to enhance RP situations and add more than what people can 'see'. Since they are relatively new to the server and people are unsure on how to use them, I thought I would make a small video and guide on how to use them.


How to set up key binds - 

1. Open the GTA menu (ESC KEY) 

2. On the tabs, select the 'Settings' menu

3. Once in Settings, locate 'Key Bindings' and click it

4. Once there, click 'FiveM' at the bottom, you should then see key bindings related to FiveM and the server. From there, you should see the following -

  • (scenes): Delete Scene (blrp_scenes)
  • (scenes): Place Scene (blrp_scenes)
  • (scenes): Toggle Scenes (blrp_scenes)

5. Now with the above functions, assign a key to activate them.


Example shown here - mzrpJm5.png


How to use the Scenes - 

1. Ensure scenes are enabled. (By default they should be)

2. Press the key assigned to 'Place Scene' and a round purple ball will appear. (Location of the ball will be where the scene is placed) - EHxZwVs.png

3. Once the ball is in the place you want it, press the 'Place Scene' key again and a text menu will pop up. -


4. In the first text entry box, type what you want to be displayed. 

5. In the second text entry box, type a color you want to use (limited to colors shown)

6. Finally in the last box, type a distance you want to use (you can leave this blank)

7. Click submit and your scene will be created!


Video walk through if needed here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT5_BDqiEqE


One thing to note with scenes, obviously make sure server rules are being followed. While these scenes are here to create more dynamic situations and help others 'see' different things. Power Gaming can be an issue brought on by these scenes, so just make sure everyone involved in the scenario is clear on what is going on and they are comfortable with the scenes you may be placing/displaying involving them.


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