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I play as Rhys Crowley, Drl McBeetus, and Elias Ryker
Rhys Crowley is an ex-bounty hunter from Liberty City who moved to Los Santos to escape his violent past. He became Head of Security for a prolific armorers business known as Vito & Associates. Rhys eventually dedicated most of his time to being an AEMT for the LSFD; while also acting as Head of Security for Barrington Enterprises. After the death of a high-profile lawyer, Rhys spent a long time away from Los Santos. His return to the city leaves him with a fresh start in life.
Drl McBeetus is a homeless individual. He's often seen roaming the streets in search of garbage to salvage for food and drink.
Elias Ryker is a law-abiding citizen. His recent move to the city of Los Santos lead him to join the local BCSO. His lack of commitment was his downfall and he spiraled into alcoholism. His goal is to get back into BCSO.

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