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Applications are currently CLOSED


Minimum standards to be accepted for an interview:

  • Put effort into your application answers and be truthful, be sure to copy the below format and fill in ALL sections properly. Please do not use ChatGPT or any AI software assistance to write your app for you. We don't care about grammar and spelling, we care about your creativity.
  • Pease wait until you've been on the server playing for at least 2 weeks before applying. 
  • There must be no administrative actions on your account in the 2 weeks before applying (no bans or warnings).
  • Failure to follow the above may result in a waiting period of up to a month before being able to reapply.
  • There is a waiting period after submitting your application so we can observe your interactions with other players on the server. Not everyone will be accepted into the BCSO but do not get discouraged. In the future, we will have other opportunities for players with the police itch!
  • Applications are routinely reviewed by BCSO Command so please be patient, and do not contact staff regarding the status of your application. Failure to follow this request may result in the denial of your application.
  • The BCSO Cadet Training Program is currently limited to 10 cadets at a time.  Applications from returning officers who do not require a complete Cadet Training program before returning to duty (at the discretion of BCSO Command) are exempt from this exception.
  • Failure to follow ALL instruction as they are laid out will result in denial of your application
  • Please make sure you are reaching out to ALL Lieutenants, Captains, Undersheriff & Sheriff to find someone who is available to YOU. You will have a week to conduct your interview after your application has been accepted.
  • Cadet Process after Interview:
  • Have to read the SOP and Ticketing guide after the interview.
  • During this period of time you are required to attend one of the academies.
  • Once the academy has been completed you will be entered into an FTO stage where you will receive further training and be supervised and evaluated by Training Officers on the field.
  • Must complete the cadet period within 60 days from being hired. Failure to do so will result in removal from the BCSO.
  • If accepted, please let us know if during your training period you are unable to train due to outside factors (travel, work, school, etc, no personal details needed). We are happy to hear from you via a Direct Message in discord. 2 weeks of no training without reaching out can lead to your removal from the program.


Application questions (copy and paste the below Information into a new topic in the Applications section)

Thread Title:     New Application - UserID - Name


There is an OOC section and IC section to this application so pay attention!



Your discord username:

UserID: (This is the number over your head if you press f6):

Have you previously applied to the BCSO? (link your previous application(s)): 

Have you previously applied to the LSPD? (link your previous application(s)): 

Have you ever been banned? (list for what type of bans):

How old are you?: 

What is your timezone?:

What are your usual playtime hours in EST?

How much RP experience do you have and/or LEO RP experience? (time played on other RP servers):

Additional comments?:

Server Rule and RP-Based Questions: 

Your responses should be 1 paragraph per question max. Where appropriate, you may respond using a combination of IC and OOC. Any OOC actions should be typed in italics to clearly distinguish them from your IC responses.

1. You are putting change in the parking meter at Legion Square when a masked man runs up behind you with a gun pointed and demands you get in the trunk of his car. What do you do?

2. You are chasing a suspect on foot when his friend deliberately runs you over with a car. Your partner manages to shoot down the driver and places him in cuffs near you to await an ambulance. How do you respond?

3. You have just made a huge drug bust at a known drug lab while on duty. You have been looking for this lab for months your own. How does this affect your drug dealing criminal alt character?


The questions below are in regards to your CHARACTER, not you as the player. 



What is your name?:

What is your phone number?:

Why do you want to join the Blaine County Sheriff's Office?: 

What value can you bring as a Deputy?:

Describe your biggest weakness?:

Tell us about yourself:

What is your education level?

Have you ever been arrested? If so, for what?

Have you ever had an expungement? Have you ever spent time in prison?

What is your citizenship status?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What motivates you?

Do you have any prior experience as a law enforcement officer?:

* By submitting this application, you agree to a thorough background check including a release of any petitions for expungement to the court system
* By submitting this application, you acknowledge that providing false information to the BCSO will lead to immediate termination.
* By submitting this application, you acknowledge that you may be randomly drug tested at any time while on duty
*By submitting this application, you acknowledge that your vehicle, locker, and person can be searched at any time while on duty

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