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Fishing and Rangers

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To give Rangers even more things to do I was thinking of some changes that could be made to the way fishing works. Here are my ideas:

  • Adding the Fishing Pass/License
    - By purchasing the license you agree to only fish in waters where this is allowed, only using the legal bait and attachments for your fishing rod.
    - In order to purchase a fishing pass/license you will have to complete a small quiz and get a decent score (similar to how the driving school used work) and pay a small fee.
    - You will need to have your fishing pass/license on you while actively fishing in case of a Ranger asking you to provide it to them.
       - Failure to provide a valid fishing pass/license will result in being charged accordingly and may result in having your fishing equipment seized for illegal fishing.
  • Adding new bait and attachments for the fishing rod
    - These items including the fishing rod itself would be purchased in a new shop at a new location related to fishing.
    - There would be "tiers" of fishing items, each "tier" would give a higher chance to catch certain fish.
    - There would also be a fishing black market for items that would increase the chance for protected species of fish being more interested in biting.
    - Fishing rods would need bait at all times, similar to how you need ammo for the hunting rifle.
    - A bucket would be able to be bought at the fishing shop, the bucket can be used to hold fish (either to sell or maybe hang them on your wall in your house?).
       - Rangers would have the option to "release" fish from the bucket back into the water.
  • Boat fishing
    - Adding a new type of fishing for larger fish like sharks, wales, dolphins that would be considered illegal.
    - This would be a shady boat dealership that moves around San Andreas, these boats would be equipped with fishing gear, the sizes of the fish being able to be fished would change with the size of the fishing boat.
    - Rangers would be able to patrol the waters with boats to check on these illegal fishers.


Those are just some ideas that I thought of, if anyone else has any ideas, please don't hesitate to comment them down here.

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