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  1. Hey, man. Adding you to my announcements and to my stream to host you. Praying for your family during this difficult time.
  2. I think this is a good idea and could be used to expand RP. For example, EVERYBODY likes to know what's going on with all the lights and sirens. Having additional civilians on scene doesn't let the robbers be "outnumbered," as an officer (or officers) can be used for crowd control, asking civs what's happening, responding to the ubiquitous, "What's going on over there" questions, etc.
  3. Welcome. Shall I pre-populate a speeding ticket with your information?
  4. Clown Fights at the Vinewood Bowl! I'm charging $15 to get in!
  5. Frank's a good ole boy from South Texas, who loves fast cars, and beautiful women. He smokes like a chimney and runs Camel Tows out of mechanic shop 3/6 in the Mirror Park neighborhood. He specializes in speedy, affordable repairs of all types of vehicles in Los Santos. Remember, "When you need a tow, you need a Camel Tow!" Tweet, tag, or text! We know what to do next!!!!
  6. Nigel Cumberbund, a distant relative to FTS Billy Taylor, stepped off the plane from England at the Los Santos airport. Drawn in by the allure of a new life in America, Nigel set up shop in Los Santos, specializing in "protective services," helping local "businessmen" in their trade. He tries to convince his cousin Franklin Coatentails and uncle Sir Toppem Hat to come visit for a while, and take advantage of the more conservative tax laws in Los Santos. Will they join him in the land of sun and beautiful women? Time will tell.
  7. @Kota Taylor, you got your mug shot last night. Pipe down over there!
  8. You could "point" with it to let the person being "interviewed" speak into it, I suppose.
  9. Looks good, man. I think the original "COPS" idea kinda fell through.
  10. Great job, Serpico! We truly appreciate your hard work for us!
  11. Almost like the "drop-off" that people do where they boot their shot buddy at the doors of the ER and take off. Interesting thought. Maybe something like this doesn't result in a full heal?
  12. Did this ever happen? I don't believe I've seen a non-Badlands skinned local cop in quite some time.
  13. I'd LOVE to have disposable gloves when treating patients prior to EMS arrival. Oh, and when can I start wearing my hi-vis vest???? >_<
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