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On 5/29/2023 at 10:33 PM, jviruet12 said:

How do i get acceptance to the server im still not whitelisted

If you are experiencing an ineligibility message, you're gonna want to click on Support on the top of the forum here. Fill out all of the information that is asked for (your ID will be the string of numbers in the message when you try to join, select "Player Eligibility" from the dropdown). This is often triggered by old VAC bans and/or low playtime and are often resolved rather quickly. It may take a day or few for available staff to get to it, so be patient please.

If it's NOT that. You should be good to connect as long as you are a member of our Discord server. If you need to join that, if you scroll up, there's a Discord icon that you can click to send you there.

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