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If you are at the car impound lot. Is a admin aloud to start a hostile interaction

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I was trucking for a few hours today and had something personal come up , so I had to fly out for a few hours apon my arrival to downbad I noticed my car was at the impound lot.  So I get a free bike to get there.  Upon my entry to the payment.  As I was paying my impound fee I heard a voice saying if you move ima shoot and kill you. so I left in my car and gunshots blazed my car , I made it out and was on my way back to down-bad to fly out and seen I was bleeding so I went to the hospital and tryed to stop the bleeding it didn’t work so I left and called emts upon my entry back into the hospital I got a message saying I was banned for power gaming and NVL not value life . This is uncalled for and definitely shows admin abuse.  And the same person involved in this hostile situation is the admin.  Who give me a 24 hour ban. For nothing this is uncalled for.  I spend so much time streaming and bringing friends into this city and met so many kind gods and comes allow pure admin abuse this is a form of abusive power I’m admin Ill  shot you and ban you.  Admins shouldn’t start hostile Interactions 

out of no where I get attacked by Ken on a power trip.  So wrong I’m very disappointed. I will talk with my friends who are big up in the city with the Gods and own stores   I seen someone aiming a gun in a public area saying don’t move I’ll shoot I valued my life by running and get banned I’m not allowed to shoot back. So if I aim a gun at a cop is he going to shoot back I would like for a higher up to investigate this more.  

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@benji2k24 Respectfully, the banning admin will be happy to deal with the situation in your ban appeal. If any player is unsatisfied with the situation, it can be escalated up to a higher level by requesting a senior staff member in the appeal.

As for admin abuse in this situation, the admin who banned you was not part of the roleplay scenario. They were spectating the server, as in invisible to the players in the server and flying around doing their job to make sure players are following the rules.

So my best advice is follow the appeals process as described above, and to be open minded and respectful. We don't ban people for fun, it generally comes after prior warning for rule related issues, and is an educational opportunity for creating better and fair gameplay.

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