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  1. Fat Stacks

    Patch 3.0

    Can you own a business and be an employee of someone else business? Can you be employed by multiple businesses?
  2. Fat Stacks

    Patch 3.0

    It's been a long wait, thanks so much Speed and the devs ???
  3. Fat Stacks

    Patch 2.6

    You won't see much in-depth criminal RP simply because it doesn't pay and if you're investing a lot of time, people want something to show for it(money).
  4. Fat Stacks

    Patch 2.6

    Everything fun gets nurfed/removed. Sad!
  5. What's the point? What problem does that fix?
  6. I remember seeing bank robberies in testing, no idea what happened to it.
  7. In a situation where I don't want to be identified or I'm playing a different character I usually say I don't have my ID or I picked up someones ID by accident.
  8. Taint does "fuck around Fridays" which is pretty much exactly what you're talking about. Also I've seen lots of other random events popping up recently.
  9. Me and @Gambino used to run a popular radio station.
  10. I'm watching Silicon Valley atm, pretty good
  11. Well done OP, you just ruined peaches.
  12. I can understand the feeling a lot of pro-whitelisters but I feel like whitelists, splitting the server etc is totally the wrong way to go about it. I strongly believe that if you want to raise the quality of RP on the server the best way of going about it is to lead by example. That is, creating fun, engaging RPs and getting both old and new players involved. For example, when I first joined the server I had never played on an RP server before, I was a very casual RPer and pretty cancerous too at times. It wasn't till I met people who had really interesting RPs, who engaged with me even though I was new that I started to realise the cool things you can do with RP and I think I became a better player because of it. It's not easy but I feel like that's the kind of thing you need to do if you want to raise the standard of RP on the server, rather than closing the door to the "other" players, perhaps something we should push as a community instead?
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