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  1. Welcome back to community life Enjoy life on the island
  2. Welcome buddeh, Enjoy your time!
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    Hey hey welcome! Regarding seriousness .. do not take it too serious we pretty relaxed here!
  4. An ad is an call to action. From the player offering the collaboration, service, product, to the customer responding to it. The bottom line is interaction. If people spam, I would personally put in a cool down timer or just set a rule that this is frowned upon and that's it. Adding a cost will A: Make people find ways not having to pay it - Twitter is mentioned. B: Adding a cost to interaction - setting a focus on cash again. And if 1000 dollars like mentioned is nothing... then why add it as a measure to guide behavior. @Storrent I do not mind this measure, I just feel we have many ways of approach towards an issue. Some take a bit more work... Would prefer to promote, encourage positive behavior and set rules, guidelines to enforce towards negative behavior. We do not like people spamming? We send out a message this is not allowed. If not people will be moderated to do so. They get a warning. And we all know what happens if you ignore warnings. Raising the bar is not achieved by punishing those who do not meet the standard, but by rewarding those who do. I believe we can not keep taking measures that add costs, that restrict freedom and so on, because we are an open server and not everyone is following the rules. Maybe we should set a standard and try to maintain it. Have seen our player base grow threefold, but amount of moderators, admins, leaders not representing that. Maybe we having more people on board in that department might help? Thats my 2 cents @Isaiah Rashad ;) cheers!
  5. I agree with maybe tweaking some numbers @speed but @Chan Wong has the right idea. Like with everything there is a sweet spot, this is the point of minimal risk. I salute anyone that goes trough trial and error to figure that out. ( pls share the info when you do! ;P) In response to @Thorgs. It definitely depends on who you meet. Some people are better at handling particular situations or keeping up with certain levels from others. It works both ways. I have seen comments towards our city services not being up to some standards people look for. But I have also seen EMS arrive on a scene where a guy fell of a building, filled with bullet holes. Saying 'bumped my elbow, everything is honky dory, just pick me up.' Both sides will meet all kinds of levels. That's an open city. But it also has a lot of benefits I am sure we can find ways to improve in this, we always do. Thanks to everyone here, keep those ideas coming. It's also on the mind of staff at the moment. So that's exciting. Thank you @Serena to responding to this topic and letting us know!
  6. I wanted to respond earlier but didn't get to it. Hence a late reaction. There are as many interpretations of RP as there are people. But there is a consensus what quality rp is. Entertaining, immersive, creative, branching... When it comes to that. It is possible in any structure, economic system or frame but... some structures support it more then others. I have to agree that BLRP could do more towards it. Offer more support towards it. This is not an attack but constructive feedback and sentiment that is shared. Even if it's a minority. I also believe this minority are the people that care, are active on forums, do suggestions. Because they want this community to be home. They want it here.... not elsewhere. And that's great!! Ty boys and gals! At this point it depends on the vision, time and willingness to do so. What players do we want in the city? What are we doing to attract and keep those? What kind of stadium we building here. Are there enough admins and staff to handle and follow up on rp? As RP support does need it's leaders to give it a frame to work in. I love this town. And i understand the loss of patience for some questions, understand the small staff numbers, understand that maybe the whole idea to raise the bar of RP in the city isnt that easy or maybe even a goal. But i also believe lately, we could be a bit more patient, constructive, creative and willing to look at things people mention with the best in mind. Even in criticism take it at heart and respond with solutions. Yes of course things should be shared in a nice, preferably mature matter. But i would like to hear the plans, changes, solutions, input, feedback this community has in mind to adress it all. Maybe we can discuss the topic of RP and our fine city in the next community meeting. Have a panel to adress, get info and inspiration! Would any one b up for that?
  7. Great initiative! thumbs up
  8. Can imagine that must have been fun! Thanks for the feedback. You can take a SOP regulated crime and expand on that. Making sure you get the interaction you look for. Good tip. And yes, timing, the officers on duty, crime activity.. etc.. are important factors. Great to hear they responded in this case. PD got an silent alarm notice from LifeInvader. Maybe one day that will be enough for a full follow up. Sound! Thanks for the story! @Coach
  9. Thanks a lot @Thorgs! For your input. Of course it goes without saying that SOP's carry weight and are guidelines to ensure, that a structure works coherently. It's impossible to put everything in black and white. Regarding common sense I agree too. Not always a guarantee. And everyone takes input differently. I consider a long term RP engagement a consensus between all parties involved. In which case what is considered common sense, can be determined by the participating players and should always be set within the boundaries of what senior PD deems sensible. Maybe set a general frame that states more clearly why and how an exception for RP benefits can be made. As a Civ I am not up to date in general practices and SOP's. So I appreciate the view on your side. I hope we can find a way to reward all players with the excitement of LSPD interaction. Possibly offering officers the time to weigh and balance their response to calls. Inciting others to interact with our proud force in blue in different ways. Just happy to hear we weren't on an island ;P If sentiment is shared, things can evolve, like the city always does. So thanks for response mate! That's why I opened this for discussion. and lol @Cleetus McSkeeter was only interrupted very briefly mate. I do apologize, brought us some trouble, youre not the only one loving Rebel Radio.
  10. Thanks @Kota Taylor for your reply Its great to see people like yourself having fun that way too. Hope to bump into you guys. To hear you also miss a certain level of interaction with the LSPD, means we can improve. Cheers!
  11. You are absolutely right @Mia. With right I am not talking about the compliments. I have always enjoyed your interaction and fully understand how things are. Do hope you will run into more stuff around the city, outside of looking into a gun barrel. The idea of having longer lasting consequences on a file/crime is great. The chance for officers, who feel inclined to, to pursue a certain case, catering to RP based criminality that isn't within a pre-set frame.. Allowing all parties involved to take it as far as they see fit, of course without interference on regular police duties. This will probably be done by higher ranks as they earned a certain freedom to do so. Like you said you do not have a database. and unfortunately the high speed chases seem to be rampant. Regarding tools to collect evidence etc, when it comes to RP, it's mostly a 'battle' of wits, creativity and connecting on the same level. If all parties involved, agree, understand and create together. There is no limit nor a need. I do have to say tools can help.. a lot!! A solution might also be if the conditions are right. Like enough officers on duty etc. You may conduct actions and dedicate some time towards an RP driven story. If 8 people are involved in fun RP story, active with the LSPD. Maybe not everyone needs to go after that one guy that decides to joyride. But safety first! Thanks for your reply!
  12. Hello everyone, Don't post often these days but there is something on my mind I would love to see some feedback on. I have had a completely legit character that I enjoyed over the course of a year, deciding to go the other end, I created Fast eddy, a 'criminal' with a scrapyard some of you might know. Over the course of about six months I came to realize that more often than not we are untouchable in our criminal endeavors. Not because what we do is legal, nor because of the fact I didn't reach out to our fine city services. The fact is that we RP our activities. Meaning we have raided pillbox hospital, stole a CAT scan and 3 duffel bags of pills. Unhinged, lifted and dismantled the radio antenna from the roof of Rebel radio. Got 600 feet of full copper cable wiring out of the subway system. Bought about 300 stolen cars, stole 30 license plates, uniforms of police and EMS services. I can go on, but the point is, we do not follow the mechanics that are in place for criminal activities. All our activities have stories and reasons that do not involve your classic behavior.. I do not rob stores, I do not do drugs, I do not chase, shoot or beat any one up. Our non violent white board criminal activities involve a lot of people, but not the LSPD... why? I have experienced that it is not because some officers lack the creativity, neither is it because they are not looking for this interaction. But that situations like this have lowest priority, no guidelines or freedom to support this kind of RP enough. I understand an officer can not spend hrs on a case. I also understand there are players robbing a store, expecting a response. That a kidnapping is more important than a couple of racehorses being stolen from the race tracks. But it's all about having fun right? Allowing a little bit more freedom towards RP in regards with the rules, the possibility to follow up on this kind of RP in the city. Developing tools with this in mind, creating an evolution where RP is accessible on all levels. I would love to hear if we are the only one's enjoying this kind of criminal RP, if there are other players out there experiencing the same thing. If there are officers that are open, to respond and deal with these kind of things. If our benevolent leaders have this in mind for the future. The fact is we have reached out quite a lot but the response has been minimal. Partially due to how things work and what the expectations are towards RP. This is not a complaint, more a concern and reaching out. It might be just me after all. I am also not looking for the LSPD to raid my yard every day Any positive feedback, idea's or insight from the community and staff regarding this evolution would be great. You will get a nice discount at the scrapyard and free coffee voucher! Cheers all
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    Great patch guys! I salute you sir
  14. Hey there Sneak, Quite a read mate. Thanks for that! I understand what you are saying. And it does make sense in an approach on how to give players a choice, do you love grinding? Either for a goal or you like the action, feel free. But it will be an option rather than a requirement to. A bit like a small 'win for life', giving you the option to focus on other things. But there are better incentives or possibilities out there.. I also agree that changing the whole economic system would be drastic and indeed possibly push away a player base that has build and is counting on it. Maybe on a white listed city indeed this can be introduced. This doesn't mean it couldn't be supported better in our current build. But in regards of RP I also would like to touch on the fact that it's often also about creativity and inspiration. I believe even with a change of economic approach, you will still have a group of people that will be standing still. Waiting for some light to shine upon a path made for them. Not everyone just walks into the forest. Some just need some insight on where to go first. And that's fine. I look upon this great city as a box of wooden blocks, which you can create anything with. Yes you can go to a toy store buy a 'ready to go' castle. Or wait for the leaders and devs to create it for you. Or you can build it yourself. Create your own. Will a player driven economy work? - Depends on how you value success and what this means to you. I have a bank, a scrapyard, warehouses, cigar store, moonshine set up, projects, foundations and other things. Therefore i rent out offices, have mechanics, drivers, accountant, deals with taxi companies, mechanic shops, store owners... my measurement of success is interaction and how many people actually enjoy it. I can not say at this point my bank account is growing, quite the opposite. Think i'm spending my two years of grinding. But that was my point, freedom to RP, for me that's interaction. If the economy was different, I believe it would still be the same in my case. Not ideal for a long term input, I see what you are saying. My personal view on how to change things doesn't involve the amount of cash we dealing with only. But on how we can inspire, motivate, encourage, and create RP. Which means a different thing for a lot of different people. 4 gang members sitting on a roof in a neighborhood having fun all day being silly, might feel like they had a great day RP'ing. While for someone else having a adventure with 4 strangers all over town, involving others is considered good RP. I believe we veteran players and the leaders of this community have the responsibility, right and possibility to change things around. From the bottom up by players, but also given thought from the top down. I believe a lot of people on staff have quite busy lives, have hands full moderating, running, maintaining or developing when it comes to BLRP to. Thinking on how to improve RP in the root of the community takes a lot of insight and also time. I see the effort is there but I think we all understand this. So I am glad people like yourself and other players provoke thought and dialogue, like Merr also showed above. I have quite a few idea's on how we can help and what staff could do. At this point I see the will is there. So I believe it can only get better! See a lot of incentives towards more branching RP instead of situational. And the new influx of players certainly brought a fresh set of minds. Not going to list the whole set of idea's here because , let's face it. This post was long enough Just want to end on a positive note by saying, we have all kinds of people here. I can not say what's good for you but create stories by being a story. And have fun creating your life. Find like minded people to hang out with and be patient, keep your idea's coming. Cheers!
  15. Immersion eh ? deal! looking forward hehe cheers
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