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  1. I feel like the title says it all. If a helipad can be added to the Paleto roof and across from Sandy that would be nice. They dont even need to have vehicle garages but just a designated safe place to life-flight someone from the medical centers to Pillbox if necessary would be a life saver, literally. Specifically Paleto roof so steps can be added on the backside since theres not a lot of good options to land safely nearby. Sandy we can always land in the dirt
  2. It would be amazing to have the Davis and Rockford Hills Fire Departments be usable buildings with the ability to clock in, change outfits, and potentially have emergency vehicle garages like hospitals PD stations do. IMO it's more true to life because Fire Rescue personnel typically standby there anyway, not the hospitals. It opens up the city more in areas that typically get overlooked which i think is great. Also if/when fires come back it gives us a place to administrative work and have more RP options for citizens come down for things like fire inspections, requesting permits for event
  3. Welcome and enjoy your stay! Looking forward to meeting you in the city.
  4. Will we have the choices to customize our livery with several options from an approved selection similar to uniforms?
  5. Sorry I thought i only posted non-els my bad! And the reskin looks pretty good. I always liked the whites and grays when I see them on EMS vehicles both here and IRL, its a nice departure from the traditional all red
  6. But even if you don't get rid of vehicle repair kits, make them only fix it like 10-15% max. Literally just enough to hold it together until you get to a shop. And raise the price to truly make them emergency use only and encourage people to seek tows and taxis. Getting rid of them can grind a city to a halt on light pop hours and there's just nobody on to do the job
  7. Could give a new use to the aluminum and maybe some other materials.
  8. In celebration of the future opening of Lower Pillbox Hospital, I was thinking Los Santos Fire Department could could get a couple new vehicles to add to their victim transport fleet! All non-els. https://gta5mod.net/gta-5-mods/vehicles/cars/non-els-ford-f750-ambulance-liveries-replace-addon-fivem-v-1-0/ https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/fdny-lsfd-ambulance-els-fivem-replace Can't tell if heli is non ELS but if we can fight forest fires with it: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/s-70a-firehawk-fire-fighting-helicopter
  9. +1 to mechanic for sure. Maybe even have a skill level involved so senior mechanics can do it faster or for fewer repair kits. Not to plug towing but this would apply and be perfect for towing too
  10. The amount of dirty tricks that I have to do just to (maybe) get a car on the bed breaks the immersion of actually towing in the first place. Being able to unlock only tagged vehicles means that either the owner or PD already approve of the tow and I don't think that needs any other layer of exploit protection. As it stands now, I have to carry lockpicks on me just to do my job
  11. Can we get access to go from Pillbox main floor to Strawberry Ave on the east side? The ability to go to the street there opens up more access to and from Pillbox and gives more parking for EMS and patients. Theres another elevator (labeled staircase) thats currently unused which could be used to go down to a future Strawberry Ave lobby.
  12. Also if we had 4x4 utility trucks with hazard lights. They would function as safety/supervisor trucks if you are running a two man operation and maybe even give the ability to repair the engines similar to a repair kit, but a little better
  13. Side bar - This could be done with taxis too, have them clock in/out at one of several Taxi stations/dispatch centers throughout the city
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