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  1. Can we get access to go from Pillbox main floor to Strawberry Ave on the east side? The ability to go to the street there opens up more access to and from Pillbox and gives more parking for EMS and patients. Theres another elevator (labeled staircase) thats currently unused which could be used to go down to a future Strawberry Ave lobby.
  2. Also if we had 4x4 utility trucks with hazard lights. They would function as safety/supervisor trucks if you are running a two man operation and maybe even give the ability to repair the engines similar to a repair kit, but a little better
  3. Side bar - This could be done with taxis too, have them clock in/out at one of several Taxi stations/dispatch centers throughout the city
  4. I think it would be beneficial to have the clocking in/out stations for Towing and Mechanic to be done at the Auto Repair shops. Several benefits: 1) Community feel and camaraderie: It could be done on a combined ledger that would show who is clocked in as what and which station which helps to easily see where your fellow workers are at and how many are clocked in (5 mechanics but no towing). It would also give a sense of more ownership to the location you are clocked in at 2) Solves the issue of a momentary disconnect causing the mechanic to lose his ability to repair and have to drive all the way to the job center just to get back to what he was doing. 3) If restructuring of the whole towing/mechanic system is going to be done to bring it more in line with EMS and PD or ranking structure, it would be a natural fit to have the clocking in/out stations at the shops.
  5. Tow should be able to take a call and impound vehicles. We already can move them so it'd make sense to give us the ability to actually impound them as well. When we get licensed were keenly aware that abuse of this the tow mechanic is prohibited and it wouldn't provide the ability for any more abuse than what already exists. We drivers are a responsible lot
  6. I read that the hook makes the syncing physics impossible. the flatbed essentially glues the vehicle to the truck so you dont have janky things like vehicles rubberbanding and ricocheting all over the place. I do agree that i wish they could clean up the bugs on it. theres not really any reason why theres a 10% success rate at getting a vehicle onto the truck when its right next to it.
  7. Can the tow truck have amber hazard lights added to it? For immersion purposes those would be cool to have when working a job or transporting vehicles. If not with the current model, then maybe a second, different tow truck available to own that would have it?
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