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  1. https://www.gtabase.com/grand-theft-auto-v/vehicles/caracara-4x4 https://www.gtabase.com/grand-theft-auto-v/vehicles/drafter-8f https://www.gtabase.com/grand-theft-auto-v/vehicles/issi-sport
  2. They want to promote ems rp and have ems be used widely, If your buddy can take u to the hospital while downed, that takes away the need for a ems to come help you out
  3. Civs have the ability to search and take things from you with consent Works exactly how the "Ask To Open Trunk" Feature works. Just with your personal inventory and not a trunk Why? Purely for the purpose of robbing people Ability to take items from inventory and cash on hand Why not? Defeats the possibility of lieing to robbers about what you have on you #BlackLightsCrew
  4. PLEASE READ ALL BEFORE COMMENTING Ive thought about this idea before and ive read a few post similar to this idea and the main reason it got denied was because it could be abused For Example, someone going on a killing spree to get allot of items **BUT** Since we are going white-listed im trusting some people will be a tad less toxic and someone wont go around on a killing spree, with that being said I was thinking of a way to increase storage Rather then working out and increasing the size of your pockets. 1. The size of your pockets are decreased to 15 or 10 or 5 Pounds 2. Strength Attribute no longer increases Pocket Size 3. There are 3 different level back packs that you can buy from you tool Small/Medium/Large - Small - $10k -30 Carry Weight -Drops on character death (Death not Downed) -Medium -$25k -50 Carry Weight -Drops on character death (Death not Downed) -Slightly decreases character speed while equipped (2% Decrease (Idk if its allot or not but yeah)) -Heavy -$50k -80 Carry Weight -Drops on character death - 4 number combination lock - Reduces Character Speed While Equipped (5% Decrease (Idk if its allot or not but yeah)) Strength Attribute (Idea 1) Now Increases Running Speed - 10 Levels - +1% Each Level Strength Attribute (Idea 2) Agility Attribute Can Be (Strength Attribute Idea 1) Now Increases Pick up Amount Allows you to carry/ pick up more product from areas such as Cement, Grapes, Peaches, Gold, Meat, ect. - 10 Levels - Level 5 Picks up 2 A Time -Level 10 Picks up 3 A Time Ive watched spericos' Twitch streams and seen some leaks of a full inventory system. If this become a reality, then cash could become a physical item, Such as dirty cash is currently. If so during bank heist using a Heavy backpack could help you steal more money. Please Leave Thoughts Below #BlackLightsCrew
  5. Gang rewards would be cool in a since
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    The Black Lights Crew welcomes you
  7. The Black Lights Crew welcomes you
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    The Black Lights Crew welcomes you
  9. The Black Lights Crew welcomes you
  10. so now a mechanic will never get tow truck calls
  11. devs have said that tow truck and mechanic jobs will be split
  12. Well that is true, to go about and edit every single car would be very time consuming, Only solution i see is to have every car go back to the original stats that gta5 already had. But at the same time they changed the stats for reasons and im 100% sure they wouldn't do that, so i see no solution....sigh.
  13. Before you read i want to say I MIGHT BE COMPLETELY WRONG!!! butttttttttttttt, Ive tested, tried, and bought a few cars here and there and i feel as if they are categorized in a since For example i feel like some cars have the same top speed, handling, braking, acceleration, and the only thing different between the two is the appearance. I might be completely wrong (If i am please tell me) But i feel like not allot of cars are unique in their own way because theres another car that has the same exact stats just looks different I also feel as if these stats where put on the car for reasons i have no clue of. For example i feel as if some of the sports cars top out at either 120/130/140 at those values exactly. Ive never seen 123 or 136 or 142 or 127 but literally 120/130/140 AGAIN I MIGHT JUST BUT 100% WRONG AND JUST DRIVING WEIRD but if im not driving weird and im 100% correct thennnnnnn May i suggest altering the performance of cars so every car is unique, and makes since for example a rusty cheap muscle car doesn't top out at 150 and a expensive sports car tops out at 115 idk, feels weird And ik cars are a touchy subject, some say get the car that fits your character, other say its not about performance its about looks. Personally before purchasing a vehicle i put performance and visuals into consideration, but hey thats me. Oh yeah if im 100% wrong about the, some cars having the exact some performance stats, and im just driving weird someone please educate me
  14. I believe they will separate mechanic and tow-truck in the future
  15. Personally im against the idea since it doesn't really change anything or bring anything new but meh
  16. 0, but at the same time the charger and ford focus police cars doesnt bring any new rp value either
  17. I was thinking of a way to fight against the "7 mechanics clocked in but no ones at a mechanic shop or posting ads" problem 1. Lets say you can clock in as a mechanic through the job center. 2. You pick and choose which mechanic shop you want to work at. 3. Once you pick and arrive at the mechanic shop you want to work at, you have to walk up to a circle on the ground ... press E... and itll clock you in at the physical location of that mechanic shop. - Once a mechanic is clocked in at the physical location, on the map that physical location will turn from white(no mechanic) to another color for example yellow (Mechanic working) - Only 1 mechanic can work at 1 shop at a time. - While clocked in at that physical location your 15 min paycheck increases from 200 to 500$ - If you move from the general area of the physical location or clock out youll be clocked out that physical location and your paycheck will go back to 200$ - After some time if your not clocked in at a physical location then you will be automatically clocked out from the job center (fired) This will help players to know which shops have mechanics instead of mechanics running ads every 5 mins ( if they even do that) This will also influence more mechanics to actually work if clocked in due to the +$300 paycheck (not too high to be a new main source of income, but a little incentive to actually go do your job) This will also prohibit more then 1 mechanic as 2/6 ...i mean at a general mechanic shop and force them to spread out through out all the shops. I hope you like the idea, if you have any ways of improving it please comment below, and if you have any reason why this would 100% fail please comment below #BlackLights
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