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  1. Could we get a countdown for the /race instead of just GOOOOOOOOO!!! but like 5....4.....3......2.....1......gooooo. Just like the count down from the scuba kits.
  2. agreed, i wan just tryna figure a way since the cops keep saying everything ends with "free passage" and its boring for them.
  3. Maybe the "Free Passage" Shouldn't be a thing? idk maybe could be replaced with somthing better. Just a idea. Idk though but i agree with what your saying.
  4. Well yeah thats true, i think ads costing money is amazing. Just think they should cost a little less, also once s3 becomes more stable it should be dope.
  5. 1k is ALLOT of money. there are more new players then old players who have millions. 1k is allot, just cause ur rich doesn't mean everyone else is. I dont think /ad is worth the 1000 dollars. even when it was free it didn't give you much attention with people being interested in your ad. If /ad could make a ad that stayed for 10 mins and never got bumped by ooc or any other type of text in the feed. it would be worth the 1000. Also i dont think ooc should cost money because allot of new players use it when they need help. Whether they are using it in the right way or not. its not fair to the new people when they need help and dont have money. Even if they use ooc wrong, help them out, their just a newbie tryna find a nice rp server.
  6. The high price is why twitter is now being spammed with ads instead of /ad
  7. love the fact their is a cost. but i dont like the amount. feel like $1000 is too muh. I like $500 or so.
  8. Thank you all for the responses
  9. So ive been noticed around the server during gun fights, Civ vs Civ....Police Vs Civ....what ever the fight is who or against. When someone dies, the ems revives them. I dont see how someone can revive another person who literally died by gun shots in their body without the use of a hospital. It would be more immersive if depending on how bad your wounds are.....will depend on if you go to the hospital and how long you spend in the hospital. you get shot 10 times.....it does not make since for ems to come and rub their hands on you and revive you to life like non thing happened. Doesn't happen irl, even if you get shot once you go to the hospital, lol yah got shot. Ive been told the reason ems revive on the spot(sometimes) is because some people dont feel like "Wasting time" going to the hospital. Waiting in the bed ect. ect. But thats all apart of RP. You get shot....you die...you go to the hospital...thats RP. Its not immersive or realistic when a ems says "I put a band-aid on your 6 bullet holes your fine now." It also excludes the potential RP In the hospital with the doctors, police officers at the hospital trying to figure out how you got shot. ect. ect.
  10. i +1 this idea mainly because it makes since lol. You try to rob a gang like the lost mc....they should try to kill you.....your robbing them XD. It makes literal sense, a gang or organisation shouldn't just sit around and let you rob them.
  11. Lets add a fucking two handed battle axe lol, no but fr nice idea +1
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