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  1. Whenever someone plays music at an event, I just mute/turn them WAY down on TS - with this there isn't that option locally. Too often the music dominates the scene and it's a strain to have any sort of convo in the general area (ie: notice how most people are OUTSIDE of Vanilla Unicorn rather than inside when there is a DJ?) I do think it would be amazing if it was a static item at some places that could be turned on/off and played recorded community created content only - people could do podcasts, talk shows, run commercials for business, etc.. But for music that's a hard pa
  2. Id like to suggest a entrance to the offices from the helipad on top of Maze bank. Currently there is nowhere to go up if you land up there. Not sure if this is realistic or necessary, but maybe it could also have a garage up there too. I'm suggesting that because I believe the offices are instanced (sometimes my office is in the Arcadius building across the street too) so not sure if there would be a risk of it despawning while inside.
  3. I don't like a no-consequence situation for crims to just do whatever they want. The RP isn't always positive, not just for PD but others too. I think this "give cops RP" is overblown. A LOT of crims don't give them any RP actually. I don't want to get into it too much but I think the mentality of "providing content" or whatever is also thrown around too often as a good thing. Bad content is thrown around a lot which can do more harm than good and is also highly repetitive. Not everyone is that creative and put themselves in "win only" situations against the cops until the cops finally c
  4. Until next time pal. I'll keep some cold beers in the taco truck for you until then.
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