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  1. I agree that a vehicle is a valuable asset and should be treated as one, however, when your vehicle is your means of making a living, and it just *poofs* while you are driving it, I think there should be something in place, as the citizen has no control over when aliens will decide to yoink their vehicle.
  2. I support a repair kit nerf as well. Although, motorcycles seem to act funny sometimes. I can slam into a car going full speed, and my bike will be functional, but every time I tap a traffic cone, my bike will break down. When I repair it and get it to a mechanic, they say it is so damaged that it is near blowing up. So as long as some of these edge cases can be ironed out, I could see this leading to more realistic situations!
  3. I would LOVE to have the Toreador! It is already in the game, however, it would need to have it's boost and subversive capabilities removed, similar to the Deluxo.
  4. It would be nice to have a more RP focused one one the west too! Angels does pretty well in the east.
  5. I definitely support this. Would love to see a shop on the west side of town. I know you would run it well.
  6. Welcome Duncan! Hope to see you around!
  7. Badlands has been by far the best, and most stable server I have played on. That being said, there are a few issues that I am worried about in regards to the changes being implemented in 2.0. I really only have two concerns when it comes to the new restrictions being added: First of all, I am very apprehensive about Server 1 and 2 disappearing. One of the worst things is coming online, and seeing that there is an hour+ long queue to get into the server. I immediately close my client and move on to something else. I am afraid that removing that extra space could be detrimental to getting
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