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  1. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/honda-integra-type-r-dc2 Integra Type-R Honestly, I grew up playing with this car with my older cousin so to be able to have this car in city would be such a nostalgia trip that I'd love to have!!!
  2. Super agree, I'd like to recant my emergency exclusion idea. Don't drive horrible and you won't be affected right!
  3. Now hear me out, we can use repair kits just about every time we wreck and disable our vehicles with little consequence other than its annoying to have to buy and store repair kits. What if we set a max amount of damage your car is allowed to take until your car is no longer repairable by a repair kit? Say if your car reaches a health state of about 45% you cannot use a kit and pretty much HAVE to call a tow truck to help you. This way, players are forced to actually care about their driving a little bit more or at the very least get used to utilizing our amazing tow truckers out here putting in work.
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