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  1. Need help can’t figure out how to get to my profile im new it says I’m in city but can’t see past character select menu and have nothing to select lol
  2. Ok so managed to get my mouse working on the select a character screen but don’t have one to select what do I do to select my profile?
  3. Thanks I’m going to give it a try some more later but feels like I’m out of luck maybe my pc can’t run it idk but single player fiveM works and gta v regular so idk
  4. I’m stuck on the select a character menu can’t get past that any ideas?
  5. Everything works fine up until it’s enterin session the the tutorial screen comes up and can’t move anything I’ve pressed ESC and TAB still nothing please help
  6. Won’t work for me nothing will f8 brings down a menu that’s it idk what I’m doing wrong lol
  7. I’m redownloading FiveM now but I’ll try that I can play single player mode on fiveM idk if that matters but can’t get on bdlds
  8. I’m having this same issue now myself can’t get help my cursor is stuck in the corner
  9. Like it says I’m in but can’t click anything it’s shows me the tutorial and says click next and I try but won’t click that or skip any ideas?
  10. I’m running a HP touchsmart 320 right now cuz my other pc died trying to get back to playing for now with what I have. I managed to get gta v to download and fiveM no problem but loading fiveM doesn’t work right but single player loads fine for me and worked
  11. Won’t work on the nvidia shield can’t get fiveM to download on it and my laptop won’t cut it smh this sucks I’m trying to play on it so effing bad
  12. I have keyboard and mouse connected but thank you gunna try it out now.
  13. I have mouse and keyboard as well but I can’t download fiveM to my shield any idea maybe if I downloaded it to External?
  14. I’ve tried downloading it but nothing pops up as a download or anything
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