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  1. This should probably go under "General" instead of "Media" bossman
  2. As Lily turns Dane and Matt into stone with the snakes growing from her bald head...
  3. It was a hard choice for me between this and poker.
  4. I for one love the Casino, I don't think it gets enough credit! Why tons of things come to mind being the gambling addict I am...I think it would be cool to start with 1 or 2 more games then add the ability to play together. Much love for the devs for putting together such a masterpiece and I know things take time so of course this not a plead but just suggestion. I'm gonna start off by saying no limit - Texas holdem poker! A personal favorite, a classic! What other games would you like to see added?
  5. There's so much wrong here I'm just not going to say anything with this one. Except why is he naked? & Where did the gun even come from??
  6. I feel like in this video...I look like a dear caught in headlights In my defense this was before I got the good brakes! COULD have just been a smooth pass by. Shout out to the cop with the cool reflector jacket!
  7. I'd love to have you on my stream bro please PM me
  8. How does the reddit post have so many downvotes?! Everyone go upvote now! WE MUST TURN THE TIDES!
  9. I actually must have looked like such an asshole sorry! I love u guys.
  10. Neither would I! Should be able to watch free now boss. Sorry for the confusion. Let me know what you think!
  11. wait a min. Why is it asking you guys to subscribe to watch the video? Should be able to watch totally free. >.> something seems wrong. OK! Turns out there is a setting in the twitch dashboard that limits "past broadcast videos" to only subscribers. Which I just fixed! Video should now be viewable to everyone! FOR FREE sorry for the confusion. Noone should pay to watch a video!
  12. I know u guys are always losing at the casino. Here's how I doubled my money playing blackjack. What's the most you've made from the casino in one run?
  13. How long do these usually take to accept?
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