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  1. Advantages would be random effect on armor, speeds up time bars for robbery/ bank heists, ext do to the moonshine would make you more ambitious with less nerves or fear of the cops, Disadvantages would be the possiblity of going blind for several minutes (EMS cures patient), death (EMS cures patient), possible vomiting for several minutes as you lose hunger and dehydration (EMS cures patient), stay drunk much longer no matter what This is just an idea from my group and I.
  2. I would love to see more real models like Frod Chevy, dodge, ext not just bikes.
  3. Just wondering if there is a possibility for moonshine with the peaches and possibly even with maybe apple trees
  4. The ability to put people in your trunk and maybe the possible to blind fold them and even ballgag them. So that people can not carry someone in there car. Also if they get in a accident with someone in the trunk the person gets hurt or downed that way.
  5. I feel with the cost of the business you should be able to use the garage underneath it so there is no need for cars up top and have a teleport in the garage to your business without it being on the map. Including a teleport to the roof of maze bank to the helipad with a working Garage there as well including a parachute.
  6. Would have to be a different button but easy to use but I agree with you Kilo
  7. I agree with you Brody but if your helped by EMS from being unconscious (downed) you shouldn't remember from that time of being Downed. If you don't get help then I believe it should be 15 to 20 min from the unconscious state. This is my opinion on the way it should be. Hopefully this makes sense
  8. Can the Tow service get the Tow Truck with the Hook I would understand if it can be done do to sync reasonings. The Big Tow Truck cant get under some areas like at pink cage to remove cars from there. Also maybe allow the Tow Truck Operator to carry gas cans to full up others cars
  9. Maybe get a job center in sandy shores it's a pain in the ass to go all the way back to the city just to pick up a job and/or make designated areas for each job. I haven't had RP at the job center in ages.
  10. Plus that will push the cops to all ends of the map and not have them camping the spots where drugs are sold most of the time. I have seen 4 to 6 cop cars on one person running from the police that was selling drugs.
  11. Have it set to a timer if the vehicle is abandoned for more then 10min then its towable and the person cant complain because that is more then you have time to get back to the game. The tow truck operator will have to do a status check on the vehicle before they can do anything with it and if it's a player vehicle then it will have a timer counting down.
  12. Garages garage areas can be bigger and have them working properly with storing vehicles. There are always vehicles just pilling up in the area. People are always being in the way when trying to receive a vehicles and at this point I go to a garage that is never used and that mean no RP. Vehicles Vehicles keep disappearing and/or changing its ownership. The locking system. It's a pain in the ass lol. Notes Make it is so you can't do it notes in the appartments and so you can destroy them. Server queue Whitelisted people should have the right away in server because we took the time to do the application and be accepted. Not to sound arrogant. It will bring more people to apply and be willing to go through the process for great RP.
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