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  1. once had a gig where i robbed a jewelry delivery truck once, one of the most thrilling robberies i have done. something that makes stuff like that more common place, would make the city more engaging.
  2. +1 to more time when its doable. i have asked numerous times to be given more time because 45 just isnt that punishing.
  3. I completely follow you now, I was not picturing literally every single item without labels. i honestly feel that would make everything logistically a nightmare. its already hard enough keeping all my storage vans organized to a degree, without words it would be even more tedious. I think looking in your own pocket having labels is good. but when robbing/searching anothers pockets no labels would be the best method of incorporating this.
  4. im having a hard time picturing what you mean by labels and how they dictate where rp goes, can you give an example?
  5. The small barrels that people search for nitrate, are very finicky and cant be searched unless upright on the correct side. if we could life them up to an upright position it would, it makes sense logically to have the ability to do it, and i think it would be a good quality of life. I totally consider this luxury and small, but if its not all that technically difficult I hope the city would consider this.
  6. or alternatively a default stock amount is reset every day at the storm anything past that a truck needs to restock the business
  7. ultimately i could have a gang member clock into trucking and do the job until we are stocked or pay someone else a bonus to come do it. but ideally the boost in popularity of those jobs will improve the demand of trucking. at the least 7/11s would be the best start and then incorporate restaurants and other player owned business later if it seems to be working alright.
  8. i could see headshots doing like 30% more damage being worth it but not overtly game breaking.
  9. Personally i think it would be cool if trucking got incorporated into other business needs. like if the 7/11s needed to be restocked along with restaurants/business's. then players can get paid a base fee for the job and tipped by player groups who are stuck waiting on a shipment. adds RP and increases profit potential for the trucking job. maybe have it available at its current capacity but also be able to receive paged jobs like towing/taxi. to elaborate with an example: panda garden receives most ingredients in house. what if in order to obtain those we first must pay for a truck load o
  10. yea +1 I think easier wide spread access to guns is the wrong direction.
  11. I get that, I mean having it be removeable though would likely avoid that all together. i just think taking armor off and saving it for later would be neat and feel a bit more immersive.
  12. I was thinking about the current armor issue i have had to deal with since i first came into city, where i lose my armor when i take a flight, but well that got me to thinking, it would be cool if we had armored vests we could put on or take off, that also retained % of durability. have them be removable, so if i got one damaged at 80% i can take that sucker off and put it away before heading out or etc. totally unnecessary just thought it would be a neat touch.
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