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  1. I've been thinking about coming back to Badlands after awhile 6 month or more, not really sure but it has been awhile. Was told to come back to badlands but i'm not to sure but we will see, Hopefully I can meet the new people in BL and begin my adventure once again. Robin out.
  2. Welp, Here I go, I usually hide behind my screen lol Ripppppp
  3. Post a picture of ur favorite junk food, Not sure why im doing this but hey, I would really love to see other kind of junk food out in the real world lol. Just make sure you say the name of the food Mine is Italian Cheese Food
  4. Maverick

    Hey there.

    Welcome to Badlands!
  5. Adding a ATM right next to the hospital and Police HQ instead of running or driving back towards the nearest bank or store?
  6. Adding a option to flip the truck's trailer. I know it can be our fault that we flipped the trailer but sometimes it can be the tight corners that kinda flips ur trailer.
  7. I agree but also, i think it would be a great idea to add a cancel option for it
  8. It still sends a message but without any text
  9. I think there should be a option where you can press "ESC" to cancel a message to the person you didn't mean to press. For example, I sometimes press the cop's service number and i cant cancel the message, infact... i need to send a message or leave it blank in order to cancel the message. I don't want the cops to think im baiting them or something
  10. Maybe just using the /emote would be way better
  11. What do you think about adding a option to favorite the emotes you use the most to where you can just type in /emote [insert emote you faved] I think that would be great since looking for the emote through the phone since sometimes it take a bit longer to find
  12. I think adding a "CPR Kit" for Civs should be added to the shop since theres a lot of meds and cops but not many active. Lots of people died several times to Local especially me but there was no Cop or EMS online to help so I lost lots of cash and gears I bought. The CPR should be around $700 in stores and if someone picks someone up with it, they will need to go to the hospital to get full HP before they pass out again(Add timer once picked up with CPR) Let me know what you guys think about it
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