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Custom Phone Wallpapers

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speed    1627
48 minutes ago, Matthew Evans said:

I know how to make them and get them set up. 


Care to explain for the person asking?

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Blackhealer    0

Take a photograph that you want as your background, then create a free Imgur account and upload your picture. Once it's uploaded open the post.

Once there you need to find in the top right of the picture there will be a drop-down box with a link and an arrow.

Click on "Get Share links" and the one you need is the BBCode (forums) and type that into the Custom area on your phone.

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BertJohn    7


Optional: Make account on imgur.com

-Upload selected image to imgur.com in .png or .jpg file format. I have not found a limit to the size available but it is recommended to pick a vertical photo as only the bottom middle to top middle and whatever can fit in left to right will show.

-Once uploaded and available to be shared, Right click the image and click "View Image"

-The URL Will change at the end to .png or .jpg. Take the mixed match of numbers and letters with the inclusion of the .png or .jpg at the end, Go to your phone settings and go to wallpaper, Go down to custom wallpaper and input those numbers and letters(Capital sensitive) and the end .png or .jpg and press enter

Done! Your phone will now load a custom wallpaper.


Not working? Well heres a example on how to do it.

Lets take this wonderful mug shot of Andreas Spartan: https://imgur.com/a/w5HZ1BA

But putting in w5HZ1BA doesn't work?!? Well were missing the end bit, So to make this photo work, View image, And then go to the URL and you'l notice it changed to KHgsZyN.png Take this and then put that into phone custom URL and it'l load this photo as your new phone background.

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