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Rental Car bus and Vinewood Tour bus for additional taxi vehicles

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I think that it would be nice to have the rental car bus or vinewood tour bus as an additional vehicle to the taxi job. Would be cool to do tour rides and shuttle rides with a bunch of people. Could very easily open up more in city events (i.e. Tour rides. Bus trips to go to a court case. Bus rides to watch races at the airstrip. Bus to pickup people after a skydiving adventure to bring them back to there cars.) Im sure we could find more, I just think it would be a nice addition.


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I would absolutely love to have tour bus rides available :D I would definietly be down to go along for the experience ^^ As well as it could introduce the entire city or alot of it to people that have just joined the city and give them a chance to see everything in a fun and different way perhaps with other people touring along side them :D


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