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Found 12 results

  1. Many new people in the State of San Andreas experience a lack of knowledge and experience on how to start up a job and earn money to sustain themselves and their needs. Currently, jobs such as, Taxi, Post Delivery, Gardener, and few others available careers in the job centre are not always easy to understand or get started with. As a result, they are neglected and forgotten, leading to a large amount of people not doing anything to benefit themselves and society, leading to chaos, people harassing each other, increase in crime, and no motivation to strive for a higher purpose. How could this negative impact be reversed? Very easily. If the higher-ups of the State of San Andreas would contribute towards a more thorough and flashy introduction into the standard jobs, it would increase the diversity in the jobs people have an experience with, keeping them in the city for a longer duration and increasing the daily population very easily.
  2. I think that it would be nice to have the rental car bus or vinewood tour bus as an additional vehicle to the taxi job. Would be cool to do tour rides and shuttle rides with a bunch of people. Could very easily open up more in city events (i.e. Tour rides. Bus trips to go to a court case. Bus rides to watch races at the airstrip. Bus to pickup people after a skydiving adventure to bring them back to there cars.) Im sure we could find more, I just think it would be a nice addition.
  3. I'm not really sure if this topic has been raised before but here goes nothing. With the new changes made where the mechanic has to buy parts according to the damage done to the vehicle ( Spend money outta his own pocket ) Mechs now are really rare to come by and it usually used to involve rp which has now gone into making money again scenario only. However Im not sure if the devs realized this but the " pulling the car out of garage again brings you a new car" makes the mechanic job literally useless... now I've been told/experienced the new bugs where we can't put the vehicle in garage or sometimes when it breaks down and wouldn't repair at all , the pulling out a new car out of the garage is definitely solving it but thereby creating the above problem .. I'm not suggesting anything but just raising the issue .. do we have an alternative for this ?
  4. It would be awesome if the devs can implement the new Casino Update into the the server, creating more legal jobs in the casino and taxi business, creating a robust economy.
  5. So im pretty close to my 2million dollar savings goal. I'm really torn about buying a business or investing into an aircraft. Does anyone know what the airdrops pay out is? I know it's based off of distance but a round about number would be good.
  6. I think we can add more legal jobs that may be pay a little more than all the other legal jobs excluding PD/FD. I had a couple of ideas like a trash man that will dirve the trash truck and pick up trash and deliver it to the dump. Most of the assets are all ready in the base game of GTA. Another is a Power plant workers (power plant is located here https://imgur.com/uZYaMcy ) that would work like wine to ware you would go around this area and fix things that break.One more is a carpenter to where it gives you a house to go to and you have to fix it (no interior) like going around the house and hammering things on the house and cleaning it. The last on i thought of is worker at the quarry mine ( located here https://imgur.com/RQQX4kU ) to ware you would go to a given location and use a jackhammer to break rocks then grab your dump tuck and take the rocks to a location and dump them.
  7. There was cause for discussion a few days ago in the town about the towing job. I was told by a concerned citizen that it was required for the tow truck driver to run the mechanics shop if there were no mechanics available. Failure to repair vehicles when mechanics aren't available would cause the city officials to revoke the tow license. I spoke to a city official and that is NOT the case. You are NOT required as the tow driver to fix vehicles if you do not desire. You are a tow driver, not a mechanic. Since there is no clear posting of job requirements, I would suggest a posting in the city guides on job requirements and how-to get started formation get added to this city website.
  8. To make things nice an easy I will state the idea, then my proposed way of going about it concept wise, and then why I am suggesting it. Lawyer Job Would be a pure RP job such as the news. Using a suitable location where you can clock in and change into a possibly predetermined uniform. Quite a few people like the idea of being a lawyer and by adding a job it helps differentiate those who just walk off the street and those who are seriously invested in the position. Since it is a job it could now be in the phone where you can send a message similar to calling a taxi and it will alert all those in the lawyer profession to what is going on and can reduce twitter clutter. Beach Changing Rooms Nearby or on Del Perro Pier make a changing room that only includes what could be considered "beachwear" that can be put on similar to a uniform. Would mostly only help RP for those who don't have apartments and wish to change into swimwear without losing their current outfit. Forced Weapon Storage Weapons that are too large to be concealed should have to be stored in a vehicle when not in use similar to the shotgun or SMG. Would moreso be an RP mechanic given a bat and a knife do practically the same thing with one attack. Seems unrealistic when someone can go through their pockets and pull out a bat, gold club and a crowbar from their prison pouch. Visual Pocket Indicators If someone has their pockets full past a certain point have it be a visual effect that we can see that, possibly with a backpack or something similar. At max strength someone can carry 60kg or approx. 132lbs which is entirely possible, but who has pockets that can fit that much weight? in reality carrying that much of anything could potentially be dangerous in terms of someone willing to rob you for it, so by adding a visual indicator it extends that to more RP possibilities. Cost of living Depending on the extravagance of someones lifestyle such as owning multiple supercars or a high end apartment make it so they have to pay upkeep on these things or they lose access to them for a period of time, maybe enough time for them to pay what they owe. With the cost of extravagance in the city being what seems a little high people only suffer the downside which is grinding and once they get what they want they don't have the real need to do anything job wise. By having to pay upkeep on things it stops people from just hoarding money all the time and makes them have to consciously do jobs instead of just lounge around when they reach their endgame. With upkeep costs added certain things can be lowered in price to open up economic options to a lot more players, not just the ones looking to grind for a big house or fancy car. Bank Loans Allow players to take out a cash advance at the bank up to certain amounts based on their current net worth and they have a certain amount of time to pay it back with interest, if not they could potentially be hunted down by hostile NPCs similar to when you ditch an MC gang in GTA:O. This allows player to get a head start in the city either being old or new while still maintaining a risk factor and even provides a goal. This also encourages players to go out and do jobs to pay off the debt they have accumulated and provides a sense of pride and accomplishment. New Main Hospital Make St. Fiacre Hospital the main hospital for EMS. Using this location gives us a few facilities, the main ones being a hospital and a fire station. The location isn't too far from the current central and I feel with a larger facility there is room to grow. With a little bit of mapmaking I could see the potential of having an interior added that could give it a more homelike feel for EMS similar to Mission row for PD.
  9. So I was thinking for a few legal jobs that you probably could add. 1st : GoPostal carrier - You would need a truck (mule) for this job. - You get packages from the GoPostal terminal and then you drive them to locations that are marked on your GPS. 2nd : Garbage man - You would need a Trash Truck for this job. - You sign in as a garbage man and then you get locations marked on you GPS where you should empty trashcans. 3rd : Farmer - Works the same way as gold mining, weed, meth. - For example, there would be a field where you need to go to harvest some wheat, then go to other spot where you produce bread from that wheat, then you go to sell it at some other place. (In Sandy shores?)  These would be decent paying jobs but nothing crazy ofc. It should be possible to these, at least I have seen these on other servers. You've probably already planned to add more jobs but here is just some examples that I think would be nice!   - Johan Â
  10. MONEY FOR JOBS AND ILLEGAL JOBS IDEA before the last update diving and peach farming would be the best for money  drugs have always been pointless due to the high risk and the time taken to make the money  meth and weed make no money back at all profit is pointless when it comes to it jail time and fines are to high for the chances of getting caught now with the new updated i know the money for peaches was lowered a little but still worth wile diving the randomise pick up is awful now, i get gold ingot and boots all day long and they are now not worth wile and with drugs being raised a little but still no where near worth it  so my question is   could money for all jobs be reviewed again diving you could even add cocaine finds like a boat has sank with cocaine init so you could add that to the random pick ups OR to put back to how diving was before with a few tweaks  Meth to ether be upt to where it is worth wile for a 4 man team to work on 2 hours to cook 400 to then sell and then to make 78k give or take has no money init for a 4 man team  please leave opinion below and ideas  thank you for your time once again #Badlands4life Â
  11. Hey I don’t know if we have a chop shop in the server but, if we don’t have it already it would be cool to be added to the server. With anyone can buy a beginner car with $500 there is not a lot of usage of the lock picks anymore so, by add this job to the server there would be crime RP and cop RP along with it as well and more usage to the lock picks..
  12. 1- I think someone proposed this already but couldn't find it. I would love to see the "winemaker" job. Harvesting and processing at the vineyards and then selling at the city like many of the other jobs already out there. 2- Is it possible to despawn NPCs? It could open the job opportunity for Morgue workers (or however they are called). If there would be this kind of job at the Job Selector, they could basically drive around or even get called as a service when someone sees a dead NPC anywhere. Dont know, just a thought Thanks for reading!!
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