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Found 12 results

  1. NEW RACE EVENT Any MOTORIZED vehicle, Except SUPER or SPORTS cars: REWARDS: 1st place= $8k-$10k 2nd place= $5k 3rd place= $3k Entry FEE: $500 (need some income) Location: Every Race meet is at the back hanger at the Airport. When: EVERY Wednesday! Contact: City Phone: 362-0940 Email: [email protected] Discord: d0nutG8z.tv#1186 Time: Race will START around 5-6pm (MST) SPORT and SUPER cars: REWARDS: 1st Place= 8k 2nd Place= 4k Entry FEE: $1,000 Location: Back Hanger [email protected] the airport When: EVERY Friday Contact: (SAME^) Time: Meet around 5-6pm (MST) DRAG RACE: REWARDS: 1st Place=2k 2nd Place=$100 (2 racers) Entry FEE: $50 Location: SANDY Airport Hanger (next to 2/5 mechanic) When: EVERY Monday Contact: (SAME^) Time: 3-4pm (MST) (ADS WILL BE POSTED IN CITY AND TWEETED) (MORE TO COME) Donations are Welcomed and Accepted! (In game cash) Remember If we don't have any Income, we can not presume this event! Last time I hosted this we had many many many happy people at the end. LOTS of GREAT feedback, would such to have to shut the program down! Also if you want to sell food or items there, make sure to contact me at info above. THANKS TO ALL AND HOPE THINGS WORK OUT!
  2. Hey everyone, Just wanted to give my opinion on the current gang life in the server and on how to maybe improve it. Currently i do not see many gangs in the server i may have run into a few every now and then, but nothing special really. Im not sure if its the lack of people wanting to join the gang life or its just because gangs dont really have much to do. i mean the server's rp is getting better and better as we go on. I do appreciate all the admin's mod's and developers for making this server possible. What im recommending and i know that its already been said is to open a gang application in the website e.x Ballas, Vagos, Bikers ect. gangs could introduce a whole new RP but to optimize that the server may need to add a /rob button and new housing on different parts of the map life grove st / barrios ect . this may be alot of work i do not know if its possible for the server to add that or what is required for us to have that eventually. i mean the more options the server has the higher the RP it put outs and eventually better rp players. overall i feel like having gangs in the server is a must and the more its announced and advertised the higher the chances of eventually having decent sized gangs. please feel free to leave any opinions or suggestions
  3. Hey there peoples. New to the badlands and RP in general, but having a lot of fun on the server the past few days. In game Character is SAM_SUNG. UBER and UBER EATS. Call/Text 152-8790 if that Taxi Service is letting you down Special Discount for repeat customers! $$ https://imgur.com/gallery/6KMSzqA
  4. Hello everyone, Don't post often these days but there is something on my mind I would love to see some feedback on. I have had a completely legit character that I enjoyed over the course of a year, deciding to go the other end, I created Fast eddy, a 'criminal' with a scrapyard some of you might know. Over the course of about six months I came to realize that more often than not we are untouchable in our criminal endeavors. Not because what we do is legal, nor because of the fact I didn't reach out to our fine city services. The fact is that we RP our activities. Meaning we have raided pillbox hospital, stole a CAT scan and 3 duffel bags of pills. Unhinged, lifted and dismantled the radio antenna from the roof of Rebel radio. Got 600 feet of full copper cable wiring out of the subway system. Bought about 300 stolen cars, stole 30 license plates, uniforms of police and EMS services. I can go on, but the point is, we do not follow the mechanics that are in place for criminal activities. All our activities have stories and reasons that do not involve your classic behavior.. I do not rob stores, I do not do drugs, I do not chase, shoot or beat any one up. Our non violent white board criminal activities involve a lot of people, but not the LSPD... why? I have experienced that it is not because some officers lack the creativity, neither is it because they are not looking for this interaction. But that situations like this have lowest priority, no guidelines or freedom to support this kind of RP enough. I understand an officer can not spend hrs on a case. I also understand there are players robbing a store, expecting a response. That a kidnapping is more important than a couple of racehorses being stolen from the race tracks. But it's all about having fun right? Allowing a little bit more freedom towards RP in regards with the rules, the possibility to follow up on this kind of RP in the city. Developing tools with this in mind, creating an evolution where RP is accessible on all levels. I would love to hear if we are the only one's enjoying this kind of criminal RP, if there are other players out there experiencing the same thing. If there are officers that are open, to respond and deal with these kind of things. If our benevolent leaders have this in mind for the future. The fact is we have reached out quite a lot but the response has been minimal. Partially due to how things work and what the expectations are towards RP. This is not a complaint, more a concern and reaching out. It might be just me after all. I am also not looking for the LSPD to raid my yard every day Any positive feedback, idea's or insight from the community and staff regarding this evolution would be great. You will get a nice discount at the scrapyard and free coffee voucher! Cheers all
  5. Hi guys, I've been going over the past suggestions to look for anything similar to what I though of and this popped: I believe this, with an integration of a "radio server" can help us establish a radio station that players can listen to around the cities. We would have an actual radio show that airs on specific times with radio host(s). People can call in, share thoughts, comments and other fun stuff that will help spread knowledge around the cities and encourage people to interact and communicate. Currently, the only news source we have is Weasel News which only covers basic RPing by having people running around with a camera and a mic in case of an event. What I thought about is getting live, share direct news with everyone and much more by actually covering the scene on radio, through voice for all people around the cities in their vehicles or what so ever... Maybe this can fall under Weasel News too?
  6. I think we can add more legal jobs that may be pay a little more than all the other legal jobs excluding PD/FD. I had a couple of ideas like a trash man that will dirve the trash truck and pick up trash and deliver it to the dump. Most of the assets are all ready in the base game of GTA. Another is a Power plant workers (power plant is located here https://imgur.com/uZYaMcy ) that would work like wine to ware you would go around this area and fix things that break.One more is a carpenter to where it gives you a house to go to and you have to fix it (no interior) like going around the house and hammering things on the house and cleaning it. The last on i thought of is worker at the quarry mine ( located here https://imgur.com/RQQX4kU ) to ware you would go to a given location and use a jackhammer to break rocks then grab your dump tuck and take the rocks to a location and dump them.
  7. Hello there. I never heard about servers outside of Rockstar Games until friend of mine recommended to me FiveM. We both started Badlands RP as our first server. I'm rly enjoying it. It's a nice community, and LSPD/EMS are nice guys too. So my opinion this is one great community and server itself.
  8. Attention all wanna be fighters and BAMFs! Me and a friend are hosting Millennium Underground! This is the early stages of an up in coming event. There are still some kinks to work out and this is a post to see who would be interested. All fights are going to be legal and under supervision. EMS will be on site to help losing fighters and heal injuries. Cash prizes are awarded to winning fighters in the tournament. All fighters will pay an entry fee of $500, spectators can get in for $100. The winning prize is $10,000. We do not have a date set yet, again wanting to see how interested people are. NO weapons allowed in fights, all fights are bare knuckle KO matches. No rounds you go till the other person is knocked out. Come support the event and help get the movement started, more people interested = more money and cheaper entry fees.
  9. I am proud and very happy to say the first edition of the BadlandsRP Chronicles is out!! Thanks to @Gambino @Gary Taint Winthorpe @Fat Stacks @PSEDominator The idea is to start showcasing the communities activity and give our active players a platform to shine. This goes in line with my previous posts about giving the creativity of our community a spotlight. I want to keep it positive, lighthearted and interesting. http://enewspaper.makemynewspaper.com/a1e26e82db4375/badlandsrpchronicle-1st-edition the newspaper online and a PDF to download so you can read it any way you like http://docdro.id/DbOkEtS - easier for some. I will be setting up a newsroom and I will engage in RP as the chief editor when I am in the city. The newspaper will have its own website for people to apply for a job or if you like to share something can easily do it there, no need for an endless post follow up The BadlandsRPChronicles site will be up this week. Further more I hope the city index to be ready over the course of the w-end, where citizens can check up on the projects, services, active businesses and other goodies happening, again giving you guys a way to put all your creativity together and for people to discover it. It goes without saying that it needs the input of the community to grow it organically into a great tool for all our active players to use. It is not intended for metagaming or on the spot idea's but rather a craigslist as you will of ongoing RP activities and opportunities to connect with. I have seen a lot of great stuff lately and I feel you fellas and girls deserve it. As of now you can contact me about any business, event (which date, you can also place here on the forum, you can ask @KotaJon91 for that), project, community service or idea you want to share. I will put it in the index which will be easy to use. You can send me your info, picture, links, music, document, whatever you would like to put together to sell your idea. Once the index is up you will be able to upload all that info there, again to avoid forum clutter or irrelevant information. Will talk to the benevolent gods winks to the sky* on how we can possibly integrate some things into our existing structure. @Serpico @speed I thought long about it, worked hard on it and I think I have a clear idea how we can support this side of our great community, manage it and showcase it, so when people walk by, they also see the RP side, which is very active and fun part of BadlandsRP. Cheers!
  10. In another server I played on there was a button ( , ) to ragdoll, and a button to unragdoll ( . ) from anything your doing, (other than driving inside a vehicle.) I think it added a lot to the game and made a lot of good rp scenarios, (As well as saving me from accidently punching someone, I just ragdoll out and say I tripped.)
  11. Just a thought but is it possible to get that roller coaster working for RP reasons. Would make it a hotspot to hang out and would be a fun side activity to do with friends. Just not sure if it is possible since I am sure you all might have had it working by now if it was but it was just a thought.
  12. Gambino


    Dear all If you participated in the siege/control of the LSPD HQ, where we took control of the building and escaped without losing any men, unlike the police,you already know me. Head of the LS Gambino crime family. A pleasure to meet you all, I hope we can do business together to fill our pockets. I am interested in expanding the organisation, so approach me in game for information on how to take part in the family business. Kind regards, T.Gambino
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