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Found 12 results

  1. This thread is to give suggestions and feedback on car performance. Please keep it short and try not to double post. Keep in mind that vehicles are not just about speed- handling acceleration and braking are also factors that make up the full performance of the vehicle. Please use the following template: MODEL: CATEGORY: PRICE TAG: FEEDBACK:
  2. So when I was chopping cars I thought why aren't we getting vehicle parts that we are able to use when your a mechanic.. So right now you need to buy parts when your clocked in as a mechacic witch is fair and all.. But let's say your are chopping cars all day long, and your able to get like 50 to 100 vehicle parts. Now you can clock on as mechanic/towtruck driver, and make more provit than you do when you need to buy those 50 to 100 parts. I know it's no money at all to buy those, but it does make sence in my opinion, you chop the cars and don't get parts that your able to fix other cars
  3. I feel it's wrong you can't rob cars at gunpoint, it would be nice if you were given the keys to a car if you hold someone up for long enough. It would lend some more mobility and wouldn't require you to run to a garage every time you spawn far away from one.
  4. NEW RACE EVENT Any MOTORIZED vehicle, Except SUPER or SPORTS cars: REWARDS: 1st place= $8k-$10k 2nd place= $5k 3rd place= $3k Entry FEE: $500 (need some income) Location: Every Race meet is at the back hanger at the Airport. When: EVERY Wednesday! Contact: City Phone: 362-0940 Email: [email protected] Discord: d0nutG8z.tv#1186 Time: Race will START around 5-6pm (MST) SPORT and SUPER cars: REWARDS: 1st Place= 8k 2nd Place= 4k Entry FEE: $1,000 Location: Back Hanger [email protected] the airport When: EVERY Friday Contact: (SAME^)
  5. I wanted raise this subject for discussion because i think its important to server quality and overall enjoyment of the server for all. IMO The cost for taking out cars is ridiculously expensive. i understand a small fee of maybe 250$ maximum for all vehicles since they come out looking new...but not repaired.. Why must i pay 1000$ every single time i take out a car that only cost 100,000 dollars..Since apartments are quite expensive , most citizens use vans to store things which cost 350$, to 450$ or more to take out. It all adds up after taking out your vehicle a bunch of times for storage
  6. I know modded cars can be a pain but if their was to be added, modded cars based in the GTA/Lore Friendly would be great. Cars made from VanillaWorks or IVPack which brings cars from GTA IV to GTA V. They do not replace any vehicles they come as addons. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ivpack-gtaiv-vehicles-in-gtav *currently VanillaWorks is not updated for latest GTA patch, theyre currently updating it, hopefuly its released soon https://gtaforums.com/topic/886354-the-vanillaworks/ Obviously Im not asking for every car to be added, progressively over time they can be added.
  7. Think about it, being able to transport your own car or cars. maybe get a job at the car shop and transport cars to locations with your semi truck. being able to load them on the trailer yourself. This are some oprions we could expand the roleplay on Badlands with. examples of options : - Transportation - New Job For Trucking - Roleplay Expension - Towing ? What kind of transport ? - Trailer For Behind Car/Pickups - Trailer For Behind Semi-Trucks - Cars/Vans/Pickups/Boats This are just some options for the new **Transportaion Expension Update** *leave your tough
  8. great interaction with other players would be created. what i mean with limited super cars, is for exemple make only 3/3 of entity xf or adders, so its more of a deal to have one of them and sell prices to other players would be very high and it would be a even bigger priviledge to own one.
  9. So I thought it would be a little more realistic that when you get in your car, you have to actually turn it on (from the menu or add a hotkey for it) instead of automatically turning on. It would help cops especially when people try to flee on a motorcycle etc. And when you get out of your car, you should first turn off the engine or it will otherwise stay running. This is just a suggestion and something that I would like to see implemented, just tell me what you people think about this!
  10. Are you going to make fuel cost something at some point? I would love it. But if you're going to make fuel cost something, cars should have the same amount of fuel in tank when you take it out of garage as it had when you stored it in. That would be more realistic. And the jerrycans should not have infinte amount of fuel and it should cost something to fill them up This is just my opinion and I would love to hear what you guys think about this.
  11. What do you guys think if it was possible to repair cars again at LS customs but it would cost a little. I think it would be more realistic and when we get that towing service then you could remove the ability to fix a vehicle from normal citizens and only the tow truck guys could repair cars or you should just get towed to the closest LS customs.
  12. I think it would be nice if you should buy your cars actually from car dealer and not from a garage. - There would be 2 car dealerships, one in LS and one up in the north. - You would have to buy your cars from there and the garages would be only for storing vehicles you have bought. This would be more realistic and in my opinion, pretty cool too. Might be hard to implement though.
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