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Found 6 results

  1. I've been playing off and on for about 3-4 years and hearing about the job protest got me thinking about possible city changes that could be implemented instead of crims complaining about the wages being deduced after a prison sentence and leaving the server... I think if they were NOT giving them their wages back they could implement more crim activities to compensate. (boosting cars with alarms/trackers, breaking-and-entering local houses for jewelry and whatnot etc, VIN scratching, robbing atms, and locals etc) I think this is a great opportunity to not fold on their demands but keep the city growing with more opportunity so people don't just get pissed from being told no and leave and for those who get arrested from breaking the law by criminal activity that don't want to continue a life of crime... maybe they are on a 4 day probation and have to take the pay cut and avoid crime until they're government probation on gov jobs is passed... I think this is a great opportunity to grow as a server and make more people want to be involved rather than just fold and go back a step. I want crims to make money but i think there are more jobs they could do that the server hasn't implimented yet that could make a huge difference. Just want to discuss this to avoid people leaving.
  2. i know sometimes it's just my internet's fault but recently im having this connection issue when the internet is pretty good but it's just not enough to let me connect to the server, idk what happened from the last big changes, i see it's being more demanding in terms of internet connection. some told me it's a regional thing but i mean ive been in the server for quite some time why the issue just appearing rn
  3. Garages garage areas can be bigger and have them working properly with storing vehicles. There are always vehicles just pilling up in the area. People are always being in the way when trying to receive a vehicles and at this point I go to a garage that is never used and that mean no RP.  Vehicles Vehicles keep disappearing and/or changing its ownership. The locking system. It's a pain in the ass lol.  Notes Make it is so you can't do it notes in the appartments and so you can destroy them.  Server queue Whitelisted people should have the right away in server because we took the time to do the application and be accepted. Not to sound arrogant. It will bring more people to apply and be willing to go through the process for great RP.
  4. Just wondering what is up with these really salty alternative Badlands Servers being created? It suggests bad blood and is rather worrying to me.
  5. Hello guys, I was trying to search if this suggestion was already made and I'm aware this has been mentioned as something not planned to do yet too but anyways, I want to bring my perspective of this possibility. Â The reason I'm bringing this here is because I'm playing with 2 other friends and it happened that other people who join the TeamSpeak or Discord channels we usually are in, as same as some other Steam friends I've been talking about FiveM, were trying to join the server with us and it is normally at the same time of the day that people is at home with free time to play so the queue has been increased from 3 or 4 up to 8 and even 10 players waiting for a spot to join these days. Â What I've been thinking about this, even before I started playing in BadlandsRP, is if there could be possible to setup an auto-spin-up function that could automatically start/launch alternative instances of the same server. What I mean is that maybe if the server is not full there shouldn't be any need to have another instance of the server that could lead to split up population and encourage farming for players who only wants to grind money avoiding the general RP rules. Â Still, having a full server while there might be already a big enough flow of new players joining along with some regulars in my opinion is clearly saying that we could have at least a dozen or two of players to populate another instance. Â Would be possible then to have a system that once the server is full it launches another instance to allow players to join BadlandsRP in an overflow server? This could even lead to some players in the full server to migrate to the new instance to join with their friends and leaving room in the first instance for those who are still willing to stick to the first instance for any reason. Â That's it, my two cents regarding this matter. Regards, Sal.-
  6. In The Beginning I Was Thinking This Server Was Great, I Met Alot Of People That Were Kind and Funny and They Damn Knows How To Place Their Personality On Their Role Which Is Amazing It Was fun to drive around and meet people and drive them to different places as a uberdriver to get easy money and perhaps one day Wang would get his Dream car that was resembling to the Nissan 240z He got good relationship with Hau Phong and alot of other contacts, I mean sh*t this server is the best one I have ever played till I changed my mind about the incident where the bear fought the panda thats right Wang was left in the dark and got multiple times killed by ID 3077 A guy with a british accent that has the impression of an russian foreigner that had an extremly toxic behaviour and started to go on using the non roleplay voice and call me f*ggot, c*nt and much more etc. etc. at the prison, as the person with the bear mask and his friend with the blue jason mask just humiliated me and was being a complete d*uche to me My mind changed had such an annoying brutal experience with those people that they ruined the whole experience for me, simply I got banned 3 days for killing the guy with the bear mask for being a troll, Calling the taxi for no reason and trying to make me look bad in front of live where they are filiming or whatever the heck they did. First of all I can't show any proof due to crashing my FiveM when putting a additional software to the game aka Record Software, Having such horrible and humiliating experience was no fun at all, this did not feel like they were roleplaying, ID 3077 was seemingly being for real and insulted me with anything he had outside of roleplaying zone So I did something I should've not done, but my anger and lust convinced me to kill the guy with the bear mask that is simply breaking every inch of each rule that is part of the game, After killing him I got banned 3 days which changed my mind should I go back? for the greatness? or to experience the sadistic trolls that has the behaviour of a 9 year old child, unfortunately this might have be the end for me to play on this server, I might not come back since I don't want this experience again and have seemingly have bad reputation on me, Right now people on the sandey shores though I killed the in the bear mask for no reason even if I claimed to him that I would kill him later. I don't know If I am returning and I am still thinking about it I might move to another server where Wang is looking for people that is lacking hatefull actions with no specific reason toward their community I have a suggestion that you should place cameras around the public areas, I was killed by ID 3077 the guy in the bear mask almost a hour ago, I swore to have revenge on him and he kept laughing and was insulting me, If there was a camera your opinion about what I did to that toxic bear guy would be different But seemingly not everybody knows so I cannot blame it on the admins but is still a usefull suggestion and would help people not getting killed by other people going on a Killing spree Yes Wang seems like an ass character when it comes to his personality But wang has gone through alot of sh*t lately his origin remains not very well known and has a depressing life, He cheers himself up by having a very extensive attitude that shows anger, threats, menacing and unserious and very serious tension and wiseness and insults for the role that the player plays as if they mess with him or have bad relation to him He has issue with Alcoholism, Depression, Mentality and Is Extremly focused on his Physical Attributes and most of the time he is serious and very obnoxious, picky about trust Once again, I don't know If I want to experience this again, I love the server and the community is lovely, but when I am alone and simply gets insulted and humiliated by trolls like ID 3077 and banned from the server by the admin ''Anton'' due to looking at the situation at a different course I am not sure if I am returning, If you don't see me around at all then that means Wang has traveled to another Country ''Server'' and left Badlands For Good And yes I should've not thrown all of my anger on the Discord Server Of Badlands honestly I apologize for that, But I cannot stand when someone is just an A hole trying to ruin anyone elses experience and gets away with it  Dearest  Da-Wei Luo Wang -
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