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  1. Glad you are aware. Thanks
  2. Just wondering what is up with these really salty alternative Badlands Servers being created? It suggests bad blood and is rather worrying to me.
  3. There are more legal jobs in this city than illegal. All of these you can do without a business partner - Diving for treasure, Taxi, Trucking, Mechanic/Tow, Engineer, Food Delivery, Picking Peaches, Picking Grapes, Panning for Gold, Mining Minerals, Hunting. These you will need a business contact - Making Wine (in a group), Hiring a minimart, These you need to be whitelisted - LSFD/EMS, LSPD There are also plenty of jobs you can role play... get creative. like... seriously? you think the legal money making jobs are too few? *gives side eye*
  4. INFLUENZA and VACCINE MANUFACTURING - an option for legal and illegal products Location - predominantly at Humane Labs and Research, but with some resource gathering Mechanics - point to point manufacturing, like a cross between wine and cocaine. Add eggs to an incubator and maintain at temperature, mix the virus strains with the third ingredient (depending on your desired outcome) and then add to the eggs. The finished product uses up all three of the ingredients and takes 10-15 seconds to appear at the collection point. Equipment - gather chicken eggs (free) from a farm (there are several farms with chickens, but one with lots of coops near the prison, where the bunker is too), businesses can order a batch of Influenza Virus strains (like they order leaves) and then you have a third item; either Ephedrine (to make a vaccine) or acid (to make a super virus). If the process is 'botched' (too much acid is added at once, the eggs arent maintained at the right temperature) then you get no finished product. So this is done best in a team of 2 or 3 people. Limitations - none, it would function the same way that the brewery does in that really only one group can operate it at one time. And should have cctv from an outside part of the building, looking in at the lab. Because it isnt illegal to be there, or to produce the vaccine... but is is illegal to produce the SuperVirus. Gains - The cost to produce should be $10k (for a business to buy the original 100 strains) to give 100 end product, with two options - one legal and one illegal. The Influenza Vaccine is legal and can be sold at a hospital point (such as Central now that its out of commission) for around $700 each, whereas the Influenza SuperVirus is illegal and can only be sold to the dealer at the black market, but gets you $1400 each. So for a batch of 100 legal products, you could make $70,000. For a batch of 100 illegal products, $140,000 Notes - PPE (personal protection equipment) should be mandatory when producing either, so cops should be allowed to add a PPE infringement fine to any charges they might be making.
  5. Is it possible to move this car wash circle at 2/4 from the smaller space to the larger one? I have marked the picture with where it is currently in green, and my suggested location for it in red. The reason behind this is that getting larger vehicles (especially trucks) into that small space is a nightmare and I think if its in the larger area it will give more opportunity for trucks to get washed in the main city area.
  6. Hi all Just noticed that it seems a bit rough for new citizens to have to save up $50k in order to change their name to one of their choosing. I know that they can just create a new character from day one and delete the one given to them... but its not obvious and most only learn about name change options when they have already put effort into their current character. Is there a way to offer one free name change to new citizens?
  7. Is there an open thread about errors noted in City 2? I dont want to put in a ticket if the issue has already been raised
  8. literally thought this the other day. because i am constantly "just making sure" and taking OFF my seatbelt mid-drive. LUL
  9. it was the "just a thought" added at the end of your post which is quite sassy. I like sassy.
  10. Are you a cop? Or are you intentionally being sassy?
  11. Shout out for @KingMezy who was out training a recruit when my character Tempest got shot out near Stab City. He is such a calm and thoughtful member of LSPD and I love that he pushes for RP as the priority of any situation, rather than the interaction *needing* to result in charges. Because I passionately believe it is important to allow both parties in a situation the ability to progress story lines, and its so great to see an LSPD trainer who is providing that ethos in their training by interjecting calmly and just guiding the recruit to the best interaction they can have. Love your stuff.
  12. Penny already does this. She also runs food deliveries while trucking and growing weed... so umm... technically you can already do it. you just need buyers.
  13. ahh... to clarify... not everyone wants supercars... so not everyone feels they need to grind to get the cars they want. Penny likes muscle cars. they are not that pricey. We do get cash to RP. we get a wage from the city.
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