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Found 3 results

  1. A little behind schedule but not gone The BadlandsRPChronicle Number four is out! It appears the GIF's didn't apply to the published versions but... Reaaaad all about it.. wink* Mr Morningstar There was so much going on last few weeks! Thanks in this edition to Speed and Serpico for the city meeting , Mr. Chen for the article, the Dragon Ladies, Mr Wuu, the Bos family, Lili for the race, Mr Taint for the events and the music with Mr Moonshine and the of course the locals... the only thing missing are the readers! Enjoy. Handy read PDF version: https://tinyurl.com/yawnxm2q E-paper version: https://tinyurl.com/y7fkogp8 Proudly presents:
  2. We proudly present the 2nd edition of our paper, special thanks to @DTheOneD , @Gambino, @BrandonM and everyone actually, the responses have been great so... The 2nd edition of the BadlandsRP Chronicle! Get a PDF version here, easier for some https://tinyurl.com/y8acy5al or the published paper! https://tinyurl.com/ybbq8wet enjoy the read
  3. I am proud and very happy to say the first edition of the BadlandsRP Chronicles is out!! Thanks to @Gambino @Gary Taint Winthorpe @Fat Stacks @PSEDominator The idea is to start showcasing the communities activity and give our active players a platform to shine. This goes in line with my previous posts about giving the creativity of our community a spotlight. I want to keep it positive, lighthearted and interesting. http://enewspaper.makemynewspaper.com/a1e26e82db4375/badlandsrpchronicle-1st-edition the newspaper online and a PDF to download so you can read it any way you like http://docdro.id/DbOkEtS - easier for some. I will be setting up a newsroom and I will engage in RP as the chief editor when I am in the city. The newspaper will have its own website for people to apply for a job or if you like to share something can easily do it there, no need for an endless post follow up The BadlandsRPChronicles site will be up this week. Further more I hope the city index to be ready over the course of the w-end, where citizens can check up on the projects, services, active businesses and other goodies happening, again giving you guys a way to put all your creativity together and for people to discover it. It goes without saying that it needs the input of the community to grow it organically into a great tool for all our active players to use. It is not intended for metagaming or on the spot idea's but rather a craigslist as you will of ongoing RP activities and opportunities to connect with. I have seen a lot of great stuff lately and I feel you fellas and girls deserve it. As of now you can contact me about any business, event (which date, you can also place here on the forum, you can ask @KotaJon91 for that), project, community service or idea you want to share. I will put it in the index which will be easy to use. You can send me your info, picture, links, music, document, whatever you would like to put together to sell your idea. Once the index is up you will be able to upload all that info there, again to avoid forum clutter or irrelevant information. Will talk to the benevolent gods winks to the sky* on how we can possibly integrate some things into our existing structure. @Serpico @speed I thought long about it, worked hard on it and I think I have a clear idea how we can support this side of our great community, manage it and showcase it, so when people walk by, they also see the RP side, which is very active and fun part of BadlandsRP. Cheers!
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