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Found 15 results

  1. This will be a place where you can come and praise an officer for good work or just share a good experience you have had with the police department.
  2. I think there should be news paper stands where people can buy newspapers that have information like LSPD news or job openings. Let’s say that an AD is placed fora car show at the casino parking lot. You can publish that a few days early and say the date for when it’s happening, people can read the paper and know when it’s happening. Or LSPD can publish arrests or recent crimes that have happened or even post people who are wanted. There could be a lot more to this but this is all i can think of. Let’s try to get this in 2.0!!!
  3. Hello everyone, Don't post often these days but there is something on my mind I would love to see some feedback on. I have had a completely legit character that I enjoyed over the course of a year, deciding to go the other end, I created Fast eddy, a 'criminal' with a scrapyard some of you might know. Over the course of about six months I came to realize that more often than not we are untouchable in our criminal endeavors. Not because what we do is legal, nor because of the fact I didn't reach out to our fine city services. The fact is that we RP our activities. Meaning we have raided pillbox hospital, stole a CAT scan and 3 duffel bags of pills. Unhinged, lifted and dismantled the radio antenna from the roof of Rebel radio. Got 600 feet of full copper cable wiring out of the subway system. Bought about 300 stolen cars, stole 30 license plates, uniforms of police and EMS services. I can go on, but the point is, we do not follow the mechanics that are in place for criminal activities. All our activities have stories and reasons that do not involve your classic behavior.. I do not rob stores, I do not do drugs, I do not chase, shoot or beat any one up. Our non violent white board criminal activities involve a lot of people, but not the LSPD... why? I have experienced that it is not because some officers lack the creativity, neither is it because they are not looking for this interaction. But that situations like this have lowest priority, no guidelines or freedom to support this kind of RP enough. I understand an officer can not spend hrs on a case. I also understand there are players robbing a store, expecting a response. That a kidnapping is more important than a couple of racehorses being stolen from the race tracks. But it's all about having fun right? Allowing a little bit more freedom towards RP in regards with the rules, the possibility to follow up on this kind of RP in the city. Developing tools with this in mind, creating an evolution where RP is accessible on all levels. I would love to hear if we are the only one's enjoying this kind of criminal RP, if there are other players out there experiencing the same thing. If there are officers that are open, to respond and deal with these kind of things. If our benevolent leaders have this in mind for the future. The fact is we have reached out quite a lot but the response has been minimal. Partially due to how things work and what the expectations are towards RP. This is not a complaint, more a concern and reaching out. It might be just me after all. I am also not looking for the LSPD to raid my yard every day Any positive feedback, idea's or insight from the community and staff regarding this evolution would be great. You will get a nice discount at the scrapyard and free coffee voucher! Cheers all
  4. I have a simple change and that is, Cops being allowed to throw civilians at the foot of the hospital doors to get a revive when there is an absence of EMS in the city, Or stop letting them drag other cops to get revived when there is also no EMS around. It should be one or the other and not getting special treatment due to wearing a badge... I don't personally find it fair to civilians that PD can revive each other with a lack of EMS around but have to refuse service to civs. It's sad we have to sometime resort to kidnapping cops to force them to take friends to the hospital. And I get sometimes people need to go to the light and that's fine. But it's not exactly fair for that rule to only apply to Civs. Officers should have to bleed out just like civs do. So as I stated either allow officers to help civs as much as they can and I don't mean play EMS as police scenes and crime would have to take priority... But either make officers have to bleed out like civs do or allow the cops to help civs like they do with fellow officers. And before I get the normal join ems and help be a solution not the problem stuff... Not everyone is cracked up for EMS or enjoys it. Just like some don't enjoy or are cracked up for PD it's not always the answer to sit there and say that. And I don't want this to seem like a negative towards EMS they work their asses off keeping us alive this is more of a comment towards how PD treats fellow officers vs Civs.
  5. i would really like to see more guns in the game not rocket launchers and op gun more like for police M4 carbine and MP5 and for black market Ak47 mini uzi / ect i feel this would help with more role play for the bank robbery's and store giving confidence to the criminals wiles backing the police force to help make it a fair playing ground price wise you could make the Black market guns more expensive but people would buy them to use for the harder role play roles like store and banks you could even implement a gun licence for the bigger guns but No sniper rifles as they are hard to role play correctly
  6. When I am on-duty, I often find that a police officer is kidnapped but can no longer grap his dispatch in time or if he is shot at. And I thought it might not be cool if something like "Panic Butten" came in, so we had to press one butten and the other officers immediately know that something is going on and also get immediately the location of the officer for example? It' just an idea. But it would be useful ~ Sean Tayler
  7. Something I’ve heard around for a little while now is the aspect of assessing a medical patients/suspects mental health. Seeing some characters go through immense pain, such as Nancy who lost her child yesterday (rip), then go on a rampage in anger perhaps require a psychological analysis if given a prison sentence. If the officer has a suspect that is behaving erratically etc, then they call a qualified EMT on scene or perhaps to the station where the EMT assesses the suspect asking a set of questions. Then giving the patient/suspect a diagnosis. The diagnosis could have certain levels of severity, if the suspect is depressed or suicidal, still in full control of their actions then the report is made, and the officer sentences the suspect for the crime. If the suspect is diagnosed as being clinically insane then perhaps the suspect could make some sort of insanity plea. The officer takes it into consideration when sentencing and could perhaps take a couple of months off, based on the quality of rp/diagnosis level. It should be noted that not all suspects get the psychological evaluation, only the ones that the officer deems require it. I am aware this does have its limitations if there are only a few EMS/LSPD active, and if the server is busy with constant calls it may not be efficient. But, in cases where the server is a little less hectic it could be a fun tool for RP.
  8. Another simple idea. Why not pay promoted officers and EMS more as they work up the ladder. I mean tech speaking shouldn't a SGT make more than a recruit? I know you talked about giving incentives to play one idea would be working towards those promotions to earn that extra cash... I mean from my perspective I am a Corp I have way more things I need to do when I am on duty. Training, acting as a high ranking officer in the absence of a SGT+ yet I get paid the same amount as a recruit? Same for paramedics they have to train as well and get paid the same amount as the people they're training. The CPT of the police department shouldn't make the same as a patrol officer or a Corp as well they should get paid way more for what they do. Basically what I am getting at is if you want to give people one more reason to work their way up the ladder in their fields of employment and put in the hours and effort maybe make the grass a bit greener on the other side. By grass, I mean money man. Also, we need our huge Christmas bonuses for the emergency services come Dec. LOL
  9. This idea is not actually mine it was @Merr Kahn's but I will post it for him.... But it would be cool if you could look into when an officer or medic goes on duty it removes all weapons... Of course, giving them back when you go off duty or in the case of a server crash or disconnect. As a cop or even medic, I am sure we should only be carrying what we are allowed to get from the armory. And it is very annoying accidentally pulling out the wrong gun or whatever. This is just an ease of life idea as I think it is not very important at all but something I think could be totally helpful in the long run if possible.
  10. Not sure if possible but can we remove non-whitelisted players from seeing that "Robbery in (sandy shores)" ect message... I mean people see it and then come hover around it making our jobs that much harder on cops. I feel a silent alarm if tripped should be silent not broadcasted server wide. Would also bring in some interesting scenarios at the yellow jack if someone sneak robs the place while other people inside are just hanging out then have no clue about it since there would be no broadcast of it.
  11. Honestly, do you think you can add a hospital and PD to Paleto Bay for going on duty... The buildings are there and I personally don't see the harm in it being added since there have been a few times where I have crashed up near there while on duty as an officer.... I think it would be useful for us to have it available to quickly clock back on or off.
  12. Just a few ideas, i believe some of them have been mentioned before in some way. - Radar in police vehicles: Track the speed of the vehicle infront of you and license plates. - GSR Test: Gun shot residue test that may come back positive if someone have discharged there firearm. with a time limit on maybe 15-30 minutes.(after given time it will not be positive anymore) - Criminal Records: So we can keep a track on repeated offenders, and to know who/what we are dealing with. - Warrants: Something that can be handy to have if a murderer or robber gets away from you, you can issue a warrant for the arrest of the suspect.(if you have identified him) and you are going off duty, the next officer that goes on duty can check warrants and be ready to apprehend the suspect if he comes across him. - Police boat or helicopter: so we can get out to the party yacht within a reasonable amount of time if shit hits the fan out there and not getting shot while swimming.(if heli, i do think it would need a hoist/rappel function, i dont think there is a place to land it on the yacht) - Gag ability: mute function. Sometimes you pick up people who just screams all the way from sandy shores to mission row PD.(not often though) - UC Buffalo: would be sweet to have another unmarked cruiser.
  13. Maybe something to look into if possible would be a way to impound local vehicles that have died in their car. Since the change to being able to pull them out before impounding is no longer possible.
  14. Something that this server's EMS and Police are lacking is communication! I hate when I have an accident with a player (E.I. They are a criminal and they need revive) the Police typically don't come to my scene (Mostly because of other calls). I just think that there should be a special code word that you put in as extra detail when calling the Police so the Police will come to your call first. Nothing is more annoying than having a criminal that just respawns and isn't hand cuffed so you can revive him/her. Also, we need to have some communication in store robberies. I don't know when to move into the robbery scene if someone is in need of a revive at the scene because I don't want to be shot. With past experiences, I think that the Police AND EMS should have a Discord voice channel together. It would help the communication between EMS and Police tremendously. Thank you for reading, -Jessica Niop (Oasis)
  15. Im planing a series with the format on following the officers of badlands as they take on the criminals of los santos. And im asking if its possible for me someday follow the LSPD officers as a ride along during one of there shifts. I will ask a few question during, just to keep it intresting like documentary.
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