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  1. 4 feet? i can do wheelies pretty far...
  2. That is not a bug, our servers are set up with mouse and keyboard in focus, and our devs do not plan to dedicate time for controller support at the moment.
  3. there are numerous topics on this.
  4. As long as you are actively doing the tow trucking calls etc, OR being a mechanic at a shop you are fine.
  5. already topics on this in this section.
  6. Imagine you are hauling a trailer with styrofoam or insulation. then the weight difference would make more sense for you.?
  7. It is allready a heli/plane job like this implemented.
  8. Welcome back Sneaky, it’s been awhile!
  9. Closing this since this has been answered.
  10. a ban appeal has to be filed under the proper section. http://badlandsrp.com/forum/31-ban-appeals/ And the banning admin will tend to it when he has the time.
  11. Buy an apartment and you can store your outfits there.
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