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Found 7 results

  1. i think weed should be redone, I feel like im the only one that actually grows it to sell it,i think the prices for it should be increased, you could add more types of weed strands (different types of seeds like sour desal) i think planting in the farms was a nice idea but it is getting a bit resident sleeper now. why not plant them maybe behind some houses at grove street? it would make sense considering it is a gang controlled area. also this would make it more challenging for police to try and catch someone growing it there, hence the area being in the ghetto. maybe one of the houses there could also act as a different type of grow area, since some strands actually require indoor growing. also depending on the type of weed you have grown it should sell for more money, and also maybe give you a stronger effect when smoked.    Â
  2. I am aware that the economy was bumped once already. 125$ for a civ pay check still seems a tad low to me. i feel like 150-200$ would be better. it seems like i have to grind for hours to even make anywhere from 30k-60k (that is just doing drug sales) I am aware i could make more money if i put more effort or time into it but i do not like that i have to spend half the day just grinding to make any kind of real money. (this is as a civ/criminal) I feel like when you have to spend more time grinding to get any kind of real cash it takes away from RP, it also makes the city feel dead when everyone (almost everyone) is out just grinding for cash. there are so many things id love to try and setup for RP scenarios with the police or even other people. but as of right now i feel like i could not attempt to rob anything or anyone, as i simply can not afford to do so if the outcome goes bad. (that is for criminal things) lets say i want to set up an event like a race or maybe a fight night. i can not do either as i can not afford the cost it would take to set it up. (that is if i want to set it up nicely) for me i just do not like how grindy everything feels right now, more so for me and other solo people. some people may disagree with me and that is fine, i just wanted to bring my thoughts in on the matter. Â
  3. It is very annoying how i have to wait like 15+ to chop a car even if i had not chopped one yet, with chop like this it becomes a war of who gets their first to chop, the chop timer should be set locally not globally. i was waiting to chop for prolly about 10-15mins when some guy on a bike not a motor bike a normal peddle bike comes in and just chops right IN front of me no fucks given then had to wait another 10-15mins due to him jumping the gun sorta speak. also i think 10-15mins a bit long to wait, i think 5-10mins is more reasonable considering the risk is not worth the reward right now. Â
  4. I think there should be news paper stands where people can buy newspapers that have information like LSPD news or job openings. Let’s say that an AD is placed fora car show at the casino parking lot. You can publish that a few days early and say the date for when it’s happening, people can read the paper and know when it’s happening. Or LSPD can publish arrests or recent crimes that have happened or even post people who are wanted. There could be a lot more to this but this is all i can think of. Let’s try to get this in 2.0!!!
  5. I recently bout the sultan, the regular one not the sultanrs and i had no performance upgrades other then brakes, i dont know if this is a bug, but if it isnt can we please be able to upgrade for performance wise then just brakes? Also can there be more irl cars added to the game for example Tesla Roadster Tesla Model 3 GTR Mazda Minata Mazda RX7 Ford GT Supra BMW M3 BMW I8 Mercedes Benz G65 AMG 2015 Kia Forte Koup Kia Soul Aston Martin DBS Nissan 350z 2018 Rolls-Royce Mercedes Benz E500 2010 Handa S2000 Honda Civic FK8 1994 Ford Mustang GT 2016 Porsche 911 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder 2016 Porsche Caymen 2015 LaFerrari Ferrari 485 Italia Mitsubishi Lancer (Can Provide Links To All Cars) **Other Ideas To Add** - Hydraulics system - Charging Station (For Electric Cars) -Ability To Buy Buildings (Car Wash, Gas Station, Stores, Clothing Stores, SPECIFIC Food Places) -Backpacks....Kinda -Ability to rob banks, stores, jewelry stores -Ability to pickpocket people (Sneak Attribute???) -More houses able to buy -More Jobs(Cleaning Service, Trash Man, Mail Man, Uber, Uber Eats, ect) -Housing Items Store -Pets...Kinda -More Phone Backgrounds -Different Phone Ring Tones -Fireworks -Music/Speakers Just a few things i had in mind My Discord Is SF | S〽OJO#8992 If you want to contact me #Badlands
  6. I think you should be allowed to put different number plates on your cars, the more personalised the more expensive and also be allowed different plates on different cars. all registered at the city hall? (obviously all plates in your name)
  7. Hey there. So first off, I'm just going to say that I have been thinking about this for a while now and also have been looking on the FiveM forums, for things that may be decent to add to the server including my own thoughts, suggestions. Some may be interesting, some may be stupid, it's really up for people to decide. Meth Lab Fires: The possibility that when you are cooking meth that suddenly, something can go wrong. Not everyone was born to be a meth cooker  How I think it could be done: Maybe by optimising and re-coding this existing code could be changed up to work with the meth code (or whatever code handles it) A small or even a tiny fraction of a % chance that a fire could break out whilst cooking meth. Why do I think this is a good idea?: Honestly, there's needs to be a sense of risk and danger, outside of the LSPD of course, that comes with cooking meth, and knowing there's a tiny percent chance that your vehicle could end up setting on fire, would definitely be interesting and fun [especially if someone didn't know about it]  Selling drugs to NPCs: Being able to sell drugs to NPCs too. Why do I think this is a good idea?: I think this would be a good idea is because the current state (imo) is probably really boring for LSPD, considering they always have to drive up and down the map. It'll be pretty dope if we were able to sell drugs on the streets, also including the overall risk and danger of engaging in illegal activities; and it may also make it a bit more fun for the cops to actively be on the lookout for drug dealers on the streets   Money and Gas: Maybe having to pay for gas in the future? Why do I think this is a good idea?: Personally, my car runs out of gas SOOO MUCH, and it's pretty annoying to have to keep refilling it up and up again. A lot more than I think I should. So maybe if the bar went down a lot slowly than it does, but having to pay a small price (idk maybe 100-500 or even more) [This is probably one of the crappier ideas]. How any of this could be implemented is up to you, but I'd sure would love seeing the first 2 implemented  Some slight modifications to stuff: To make RP more immersive and such. How I think it could be done: I'd say if possible make the chat smaller and allow me to see what I'm typing (currently I can't see anything if I type after a certain point) - I also think that this will improve RP experience greatly cause if a lot of OOC is going on, it takes up a lot of the top-left of the screen. So maybe if there were some UI sliders to change the scale of it and such to move it out of the way that would be nice.  Socialising: Trying to bring the normal GTA5 Story Activities into RP (such as golf, darts etc) Why do I think this is a good idea?: Well first off, It helps the RP'ers have something to do other than just farming money and having some small RP sessions, maybe we could actually bring the whole "Party at grove st" to life and be able to actually do activities that would be great for RP scenarios. Just having fun, wasting time, etc. - Also gives some of the criminals something to do other than drug runs etc.Â
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