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Found 4 results

  1. I have to say I was hesitant to play FiveM due to watch official servers and never getting anywhere on them. I have to say even though this is a large community it has been really good to a new player. Everyone I have ran into has been super nice so far (Even though I expect to be shot or robbed which has not happened yet.) My pros of the server: The stores that are manned are a great way to RP and add realism. As well as a great place to learn information from staff or others Job center with flyers explaining everything AWESOME! The Bad Biz app that shows what is open is so helpful That you have to go to another player to get upgrades, better food, and other. Instead of just handing it straight to you. Life Invader app allowing for players to easily communicate and network. Events happening all the time! Even if your not a person who likes large crowds really shows how active and supportive the community is and coming together. The small details like phone customization, stores off the beaten path, More you explore the more small things you find to do for fun or to make some extra cash. Economy seemed high at first but after seeing prices of everything it balances out. Really makes it where you have to work for what you have. Not sit around board which is great for someone who wants to network and make money moves. Some Improvements : Queue - After 4 PM est the queue starts. Not to bad but at some point it is 100+ people. Had to wait 4 hours one night and I called it a night at that point. Would like to see maybe a 50 increase in slots. But I understand it might not be feasible. Servers are expensive to run. Flyers everywhere - Alot of old flyers everywhere. Some realllllyyyy old. Would be nice after so long we even as citizens could pick them up after so long. Other than that it has been a great server and the staff are truly dedicated to what they do!
  2. Now I am not sure how easy this is to fix but the /Race commands when the "Race Finish" pop up gets in your line of view you cant see behind it and all visual is blocked.. is there any way to soften it's opacity or replace it with something
  3. So I have discussed with a few people and we have all had different ideas to what relates to "VDM". As of right now VDM is any form of vehicular damage regardless, however I think VDM should be cut back in a few terms to enhance certain RP. The current standing of VDM is literally written as "Do not use your vehicle as a weapon against other players or vehicles." & "Intentionally ramming player vehicles, occupied or not, is considered VDM." Personally if we were allowed to make Vehicle to Vehicle contact I can see it doing plenty for RP and making things a little more fun and here's why.  Just yesterday I got into a scenario where I was attempting to arrest a player and his buddies chased me and my other officer up and down the streets for around 10 minutes or so in an attempt to wait for me to crash out and disable to then free their partner. In this scenario I don't see a reason to why they shouldn't be allowed to make an advancement on our vehicle. They are clearly determined criminals who would stop at NOTHING to get their friend free. Quite honestly as well if the officers were wearing a seat belt no death should occur just at most a blackout or mass amounts of flips allowing for many different ways for RP to roll out.  Another scenario which I have found myself in: I rob a store and actually make it to my car and try to flee, officers are attempting to pit my car and I brake check them causing them to fly past me, I always have the urge to then Pit their cruiser in return as it would help with the getaway process. This being allowed in it's self would make Officers have to think twice on how to approach a Pit and when to do it, and this should be considered a Hostile Initiation from the criminal just the same as it is considered for cops. Say we're doing illegal street races and my rival is next to me, I should be able to Fast and Furious his ass to win and not have to worry about a ban. This would also cause the rivalry to thicken and give them some deep backgrounding beef My main concern is RDM is only RDM when a death occurs but VDM is considered VDM regardless of a death? I feel as though that's not proper, if nobody dies why does it still count as a "Vehicular DEATH Match".
  4. Hey there. So first off, I'm just going to say that I have been thinking about this for a while now and also have been looking on the FiveM forums, for things that may be decent to add to the server including my own thoughts, suggestions. Some may be interesting, some may be stupid, it's really up for people to decide. Meth Lab Fires: The possibility that when you are cooking meth that suddenly, something can go wrong. Not everyone was born to be a meth cooker  How I think it could be done: Maybe by optimising and re-coding this existing code could be changed up to work with the meth code (or whatever code handles it) A small or even a tiny fraction of a % chance that a fire could break out whilst cooking meth. Why do I think this is a good idea?: Honestly, there's needs to be a sense of risk and danger, outside of the LSPD of course, that comes with cooking meth, and knowing there's a tiny percent chance that your vehicle could end up setting on fire, would definitely be interesting and fun [especially if someone didn't know about it]  Selling drugs to NPCs: Being able to sell drugs to NPCs too. Why do I think this is a good idea?: I think this would be a good idea is because the current state (imo) is probably really boring for LSPD, considering they always have to drive up and down the map. It'll be pretty dope if we were able to sell drugs on the streets, also including the overall risk and danger of engaging in illegal activities; and it may also make it a bit more fun for the cops to actively be on the lookout for drug dealers on the streets   Money and Gas: Maybe having to pay for gas in the future? Why do I think this is a good idea?: Personally, my car runs out of gas SOOO MUCH, and it's pretty annoying to have to keep refilling it up and up again. A lot more than I think I should. So maybe if the bar went down a lot slowly than it does, but having to pay a small price (idk maybe 100-500 or even more) [This is probably one of the crappier ideas]. How any of this could be implemented is up to you, but I'd sure would love seeing the first 2 implemented  Some slight modifications to stuff: To make RP more immersive and such. How I think it could be done: I'd say if possible make the chat smaller and allow me to see what I'm typing (currently I can't see anything if I type after a certain point) - I also think that this will improve RP experience greatly cause if a lot of OOC is going on, it takes up a lot of the top-left of the screen. So maybe if there were some UI sliders to change the scale of it and such to move it out of the way that would be nice.  Socialising: Trying to bring the normal GTA5 Story Activities into RP (such as golf, darts etc) Why do I think this is a good idea?: Well first off, It helps the RP'ers have something to do other than just farming money and having some small RP sessions, maybe we could actually bring the whole "Party at grove st" to life and be able to actually do activities that would be great for RP scenarios. Just having fun, wasting time, etc. - Also gives some of the criminals something to do other than drug runs etc.Â
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