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  1. Hey there. So first off, I'm just going to say that I have been thinking about this for a while now and also have been looking on the FiveM forums, for things that may be decent to add to the server including my own thoughts, suggestions. Some may be interesting, some may be stupid, it's really up for people to decide. Meth Lab Fires: The possibility that when you are cooking meth that suddenly, something can go wrong. Not everyone was born to be a meth cooker  How I think it could be done: Maybe by optimising and re-coding this existing code could be changed up to work with the meth code (or whatever code handles it) A small or even a tiny fraction of a % chance that a fire could break out whilst cooking meth. Why do I think this is a good idea?: Honestly, there's needs to be a sense of risk and danger, outside of the LSPD of course, that comes with cooking meth, and knowing there's a tiny percent chance that your vehicle could end up setting on fire, would definitely be interesting and fun [especially if someone didn't know about it]  Selling drugs to NPCs: Being able to sell drugs to NPCs too. Why do I think this is a good idea?: I think this would be a good idea is because the current state (imo) is probably really boring for LSPD, considering they always have to drive up and down the map. It'll be pretty dope if we were able to sell drugs on the streets, also including the overall risk and danger of engaging in illegal activities; and it may also make it a bit more fun for the cops to actively be on the lookout for drug dealers on the streets   Money and Gas: Maybe having to pay for gas in the future? Why do I think this is a good idea?: Personally, my car runs out of gas SOOO MUCH, and it's pretty annoying to have to keep refilling it up and up again. A lot more than I think I should. So maybe if the bar went down a lot slowly than it does, but having to pay a small price (idk maybe 100-500 or even more) [This is probably one of the crappier ideas]. How any of this could be implemented is up to you, but I'd sure would love seeing the first 2 implemented  Some slight modifications to stuff: To make RP more immersive and such. How I think it could be done: I'd say if possible make the chat smaller and allow me to see what I'm typing (currently I can't see anything if I type after a certain point) - I also think that this will improve RP experience greatly cause if a lot of OOC is going on, it takes up a lot of the top-left of the screen. So maybe if there were some UI sliders to change the scale of it and such to move it out of the way that would be nice.  Socialising: Trying to bring the normal GTA5 Story Activities into RP (such as golf, darts etc) Why do I think this is a good idea?: Well first off, It helps the RP'ers have something to do other than just farming money and having some small RP sessions, maybe we could actually bring the whole "Party at grove st" to life and be able to actually do activities that would be great for RP scenarios. Just having fun, wasting time, etc. - Also gives some of the criminals something to do other than drug runs etc.Â
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