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Found 3 results

  1. "Master have I served you well?" I stared blankly at the man who raised me... he ordered to kill the men who tried to get information closely in our headquarters located in north of Tobolsk, Russia. Far hidden in the snowy mountains. Subject 10 is a trained child to murder, execute and assassinate big people in terms of politics and business. In the age of 3 she already knew about bombs like C4 and a PE-4. In the age of 6 she already knew how to hold a caliber .45 cartridge pistol. In the age of 12 she successfully annihilated the secretary of France along with a Senator from Russia. No one knows that 10 was a kid, but she is feared from the knowledge of the dark government she was working for. In the cold winters of Greece, she was staring blankly at kid who was assigned to be killed, she thought to herself, another day in the job. She was also tasked to be part on his school, to be friend the boy to know more about his father's associates. The time she was spending with the boy grew something in her, a new feeling that she never felt before, a very familiar one. "Wha-what is this... th- this warm snuggly feeling... I don't know what this is but I don't wan't to let it go-" I looked behind me and there he was the boy whom I need to kill, smiling devilishly at me with ice cream on his hand. "Yumiko!" He shouted as he stared deeply in to my gaze, that's the name he knows about me as well as the fake ID's and information he could get It was given to me by a very old lady back in Japan.. for killing a Yakuza. She thanked me... but it was only part of my job. "Yumiko.. hey are you there?" I quickly snapped out of my trance as I glanced once again to him "Uhm... Dark Chocolate Mint?" I asked. "Yup ^___^" He gladly offered infront of my face We walked along the shores of Zakynthos Island, as I feel the sand in my feet, I was too tired to walk and I needed to confront what I felt. The sudden urgency to tell him the truth, I need to save this boy. His father is very powerful and he might help, I wish to protect and hide him from this dark past of mine, I want to start a new one... a new me. "Hey. I need to tell you something important, and this solely depends on both of our lives.... I want you to listen carefully." I seriously told him like the real Subject 10 stares He gazed me in awe, that made my cheeks flushed. He smiled "Me too. I have something to tell you." He reached into my hands "alright what about it... listen I'm not who you think I am-" "I love you..." He told me in a very firm raspy tone And with that my life turned 360, like how my vision turns as the smell of blood rose into my senses He's dead... he was shot 50 miles away with a Cheytac M200 Intervention fuck, it's papa. "you have grown weak..." A familiar dark voice I heard, before I succumbed to darkness with a poisoning sleep darted in my neck. The dark government of Russia, they we're the ones who killed my family, they asked both of my parents to make a serum to create soldiers into superhumans or soldiers, with keen senses no other alike. When both of my parents who are scientists knew that in the wrong hands, this may destroy the world. They've decided to inject the serum to me in order to hide it and throw it away.. The Russians knowing this, killed my mom and dad, and soon they found out that it was injected to me. With that they raised me to become to most effective assassin to date. With the dark government on her, Yumiko decided to go into Los Santos. It was heard that Los Santos is good at hiding indentities, and now she works for the PD and she would like to return service to return back to the people's whom she killed.
  2. Attention all wanna be fighters and BAMFs! Me and a friend are hosting Millennium Underground! This is the early stages of an up in coming event. There are still some kinks to work out and this is a post to see who would be interested. All fights are going to be legal and under supervision. EMS will be on site to help losing fighters and heal injuries. Cash prizes are awarded to winning fighters in the tournament. All fighters will pay an entry fee of $500, spectators can get in for $100. The winning prize is $10,000. We do not have a date set yet, again wanting to see how interested people are. NO weapons allowed in fights, all fights are bare knuckle KO matches. No rounds you go till the other person is knocked out. Come support the event and help get the movement started, more people interested = more money and cheaper entry fees.
  3. Just a few ideas, i believe some of them have been mentioned before in some way. - Radar in police vehicles: Track the speed of the vehicle infront of you and license plates. - GSR Test: Gun shot residue test that may come back positive if someone have discharged there firearm. with a time limit on maybe 15-30 minutes.(after given time it will not be positive anymore) - Criminal Records: So we can keep a track on repeated offenders, and to know who/what we are dealing with. - Warrants: Something that can be handy to have if a murderer or robber gets away from you, you can issue a warrant for the arrest of the suspect.(if you have identified him) and you are going off duty, the next officer that goes on duty can check warrants and be ready to apprehend the suspect if he comes across him. - Police boat or helicopter: so we can get out to the party yacht within a reasonable amount of time if shit hits the fan out there and not getting shot while swimming.(if heli, i do think it would need a hoist/rappel function, i dont think there is a place to land it on the yacht) - Gag ability: mute function. Sometimes you pick up people who just screams all the way from sandy shores to mission row PD.(not often though) - UC Buffalo: would be sweet to have another unmarked cruiser.
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