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Governor / Mayor / Commissioner Guidelines & Responsibilities

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Guidelines & Responsibilities


General Rules - Section A

  1. There are 2 elected positions within the state of San Andreas, each with jurisdiction as follows
    1. Governor: entire State of San Andreas
    2. County Commissioner: Blaine and Los Santos Counties
  2. The length of a single term is 4 months, and each elected official may serve 2 consecutive terms prior to mandatory 1 term out of office. There is no limit to terms in the lifetime of a single individual
  3. Each elected position will be voted on by citizens who reside within the jurisdiction of that position
  4. An individual cannot run for or serve in two elected positions simultaneously

Removal - Section B

  1. Non-confidence in an elected official
    1. In the event that the citizens of the jurisdiction become unsatisfied with the elected and feel they have lost confidence to lead, they may petition to have a confidence vote. In the event that a confidence vote is held, the jurisdiction's electorate will have the opportunity to vote to either keep or replace the elected official
    2. If a citizen wishes to begin a confidence vote they would need to gather the appropriate number of signatures from residents of the correct jurisdiction (Listed below based on population size). The citizen would then need to seek legal counsel to represent them in the court of law. Legal counsel would then file an official request with the Department of Justice office, which would be reviewed and approved or denied by a judge
      1. Governor of San Andreas: 75 Signatures
      2. Mayor of Los Santos: 50 Signatures
      3. County Commissioner: 30 Signatures
    3. Confidence votes require 75% of votes to be in favor in order to pass and in order for the elected official to be removed
  2. An elected official or their staff found guilty of a felony crime will be immediately removed from office by the department of Justice. In this case, no confidence vote will be held
  3. Governor/Mayor/Commissioner or any of their staff found Guilty of Felony crimes will be subject to immediate removal from office by the Department of Justice.

Administration - Section C

  1. Each elected position will be assigned an assistant, as below. The assistants will liaise with the rest of DOJ and communicate with the Federal Government. Each elected position will also employ a Chief of Staff and can employ 2 additional people for specific duties, as assigned by the incumbent of the position
    1. Governor: Elle Weaselle
    2. Mayor of Los Santos: Dawn Bellwether
    3. County Commissioner: Ellie Mae Dorie-Yeller
  2. Each elected position may hire a security team, consisting of a maximum of 5 people. At large scale events, all 5 people may provide security for the elected official. At any other time, a maximum of 2 security officials may be on duty and escorting the elected official
  3. Employees of the elected official may not have any felonies, but this does not apply to the security team.

Candidate Requirements - Section D

  1. All criteria in this section must be met prior to an individual being considered for candidacy in an elected position
  2. No felonies on record
  3. Must own real property in respective jurisdiction. Those who solely reside at Downbad Apartments or Sandy Apartments are not eligible to run for office
  4. You must not be employed by any LEA, DOJ, or LSFD. If you are employed, you must take an LOA for the duration of your term.
  5. You must provide names and contact information for 6 people who consent to your candidacy for the indicated position. These people must reside in the jurisdiction of the indicated position. These people cannot be directly related to you or each other. For the purpose of this section, "directly related" includes: parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and grandchildren, adopted or by birth. 

Elected Official Guidelines - Section E

  1. Elected officials must conduct themselves in accordance with all guidelines in this section at all times
  2. Carry themselves in a professional manner
  3. Dress professionally and modestly while fulfilling duties.
  4. Act in a respectful, non-hostile manner during at all times.
  5. Have a good understanding of common knowledge of the justice system and the community.

Elected Official Responsibilities and Powers - Section F

  1. Governor of San Andreas
    1. Oversee both the County Commissioner and the Mayor of Los Santos
    2. Present 1 campaign project to be worked on (Must be approved by staff)
    3. Be present at major business openings and events
    4. Grant 1 pardon per term
    5. Upkeep the Governor's Mansion throughout the term
  2. County Commissioner
    1. Oversee historical landmarks and historical landmark homes within Blaine and Los Santos Counties
    2. Approve Event and Business permits that fall within Blaine and Los Santos Counties
    3. Present 1 campaign project to be worked on (Must be approved by staff)
    4. Oversee tax rates within Blaine and Los Santos Counties
    5. Be present at major business openings and events

Voting Commission Responsibilities - Section G

  1. Administer, impartially, the process of ballot creation, voting, and counting of votes
  2. Ensure ballots do not contain any text, symbols, images, or printed media that may imply bias or may influence voters to select a specific option
  3. Ensure ballot options are listed in alphabetical order, from 0-9-A-Z
  4. Ensure there is no campaigning inside the designated voting area
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