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Internal Affairs - Misconduct Report Template

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IC reports: For IA reports to be handled in character, they should be written from your character's perspective. Please refrain from using knowledge that your character would not have when writing your report. All photos must have been taken by you; any videos must be from scenes that your character was involved in.

OOC reports: If your complaint is partially or entirely about OOC issues, please include that information and label it as OOC. Example: Number of officers on scene.

Other reports: Other violations, such as breaking server rules or RP issues, should be handled via player reports.



Internal Affairs Bureau

Complainant information

Full name:


Phone number:


Incident information

Officer name(s):

Incident location or address:

Time of the incident (convert to EST): 

Witness name & phone number:

Narrative - please describe the incident in detail:

Evidence - any video or images you have to support your complaint:

Complainant signature:

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