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  1. Civilian Rights Revised November 2, 2020 General Knowledge Officers do not have to read you the Miranda Rights. You should expect that Officers will announce themselves and provide you with clear and reasonable demands. If they do not identify themselves as an officer and you do not see a badge then you do not need to comply with their orders An officer may ask for your ID but you are only required to provide it when being detained for committing a crime or suspicion of committing a crime. If at any time you feel you are being improperly treated or cha
  2. Chain

    LSPD Interviews

    If your LSPD application was approved then you may join the "waiting room POLICE" during the interview time frame. Interviews typically take about 15 minutes. Please PM Steve Young on this date if times don't work for you All interview times are automatically adjusted to your timezone
  3. Police Interviews have resumed. Apologize for any inconvenience.
  4. Currently in pursuit of a vehicle headed "Insert Direction" on "Insert Street".
  5. Just my two cents. Personally, but I have not looked into the overall effect it might have on the reliable of the server in the long run. But with the addition of a map editor, which we can clearly see if you go to Sandy Shores. If the same process was put in place. The higher end housing, such as apartments, stilt houses, La Fuente Blanca, could be your high end, housing for the veteran players to pay a high up front cost and a maintenance cost over a period of time. However, interiors could be spawn underground for the lower to medium level housing, similar to the online housing. That i
  6. Chain

    Police Meeting

    Open discussion between the Police Senior Staff and the Police Force about their concerns and desires for the future of LSPD. 3pm EDT - Start Time
  7. Something that can be addressed in the public civilian documentation of laws/rights that is in the works.
  8. Written via Sneaky Version 1.0 1.5 of SOPs. Been there all alone. for a while. Processing Suspects - Section H Clause 4 A player may request to have a lawyer present for any charges in the Felony category. A lawyer can RP down a Felony ticket by a max of 50% (only applies to ticketable offenses) It is Officer discretion in whether they want to approve the request. The lawyer must be dressed professionally and meet at HQ to be searched. “Time served” in police custody does not apply when a player requests a lawyer to represent them.
  9. I would like to thank everyone who handled our, well, interesting adventure. @SneakyAzShiite we never did make it to the police station that night to get on duty, Right? However, guest star, @bada_mama as Bertha, @Deazy Johnson and @Matttheman as the two police officers. Some randoms we picked up. Big shout to Daniel **Something**, for standing up to crazy ass Bertha. Laugh every time I listen to that scene. (22:50) <- Pretty much on repeat. However, anything seen in this video including the magical pass of inventory, I would not suggest doing. This is not your get out of free jail card. It
  10. until
    Pursuit/Communication Training --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hosted By Lt. Fernández & Sgt. Serpico --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This training will cover: - Communication while in Vehicle or Foot Pursuit. - When is the appropriate time to pit a vehicle. - Appropriate method of stopping a vehicle and what not to do in a pursuit. - Q & A at the end, for anything police related. Questions, suggestions. Training time: Approx. 6pm EDT September 30th, 2017 (Saturda
  11. You either need to have real police being a thing, or finding a way to prevent robberies like so. Total Time 11:30, for Setup, Heist, and Escape. Video is 5x
  12. This is a quite lengthy post. Now this may just look like ideas for a hardcore server, but my plan behind this post is to present ideas which could be used in a hardcore server or a more relaxed RP server which is based more around jobs to earn money rather then just criminal activity. Some of these jobs have been mentioned before, I am just pasting the list I have had sitting on my computer. I have decided to bring them up with ideas of how the process could be implemented or altered. Not all of these maybe possible on how they have been mentioned but just getting my ideas out there. ---
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