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  1. The problem I have with this is " It's your side of the story " Others including myself have said to file an IA and be as detailed as possible since there is supposedly No Video of the altercation. Again the problem can be addressed in the proper format.
  2. It's for Discord or are you asking where? It's in the top right corner
  3. I dont know maybe I'm missing something but I get Lawyers want to be paid well but I think going into 2.0 now that people are WL some of the BS stuff that happens now will calm down or should else they may loose there WL status but my thing is why should the Government be paying your salary and not the client they got there self into trouble maybe an option where they have to agree on a price for them to be your lawyer when you meet with them.
  4. They do already its called a Business Owner all the baddies in your gang can tribute to your fund in return you get to keep there money
  5. Hmm can see that leading to sitting around collecting my check when no one knows where I am. Its been tried already under the current system so if it went to that makes it easier IMO.
  6. So who is to judge who is a good lawyer and whos not? irl there are shitty lawyers too but there still lawyers and if this goes as planned and more longer prison terms and a justice system who knows?? But I think people well act better than on a public server hence will prob be less lawyers needed less in some felony crimes I mean who knows? But it seems it always comes down to " How much can I make " In the current system I dont see where it would take longer than 30 min to argue a case from the time of clocking in cause if your that good it shouldn't take long to RP it out with the max time we have right now
  7. TBH this sounds more like just an old fashion robbery not an event. I mean what if you have 30 ppl that want to join in this bank robbery obviously police couldn't chase them all and LSPD doesn't really attend events as Kota pointed out
  8. Thorgs

    LSPD Department Meeting

    LSPD Depart meeting all are welcome
  9. It is a real thing and No does not cost as much as Merr said There is a special church that its done but you have to have the required stuff to make the ring and money to get married
  10. Its been this way for so long you just need to accept it and move on. I don't know what the big push is to make cars go faster?
  11. Welcome to the city hope you enjoy your time here
  12. @cake_is_ok Helps if you search for a topic on adding cars as there is one already no need to start a new topic
  13. @Deacon Try searching first for topics cause its been discussed a lot https://badlandsrp.com/search/?q=housing
  14. Not sure how this relates to what there asking for in feedback to 2.0 you should be posting this in the media section
  15. Helps if you use the search option there are several topics for Trucking already no need to start a new topic
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