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  1. If the pet dies on accident can it be brought back. Like hit by a car or something?
  2. That's a neat idea, if I get rejected I normally just go up the road a bit maybe to the next open parking spot. So I'd be down to try that system.
  3. 485-9931 SecuroServ is willing to fulfill this, contact me in the city with that phone number, or here on the forum
  4. Do you understand how brain melting it is to drive truck from the beach to paleto bay and listen to the same 5 rock songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. live radio would be lovely
  5. I see. I don't have this problem, I have no choice but to follow the speed limit because my particular semi is slow.
  6. how about the police go and catch them then?
  7. I have the hauler and have used the phantom, I'm comparison the hauler flatnosed one is trash
  8. yeah that's the main issue, I'm no longer dumb enough to use the B button on the pad but the car thing is gonna suck
  9. because it would be sucky to lose your trucking job at the hands of crappy desync, like when a good aids box truck fell on my trailer.
  10. I would like to have the Park Ranger paint job for the Granger and then just rp it (have a feeling I'd rarely see anybody out there) but it probably wouldn't need a job mechanic to be fun. I'd certainly ly be okay with it having one though.
  11. Well unless I know a player well from the past I cant tell who's talking without the indication and it really screws it up.
  12. So right now it doesn't serve a purpose but it will in the future? Can you go inside it if you purchase it?
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