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  1. Yeah i agree, as much as i love to have huge orders i know that that person wont come back for a few days. But instead of capping the orders to 1 maybe make it 10 food and 20 drinks cause sometimes people order for a group. Also make it that the food rottens so that people actually need to to buy more often.
  2. Instead of becoming a green zone how about starting to punish the people that abuse certain areas just because they can? This includes the Hospital, Integrity and Elgin, people seem to target these areas too much and should respect others that wish to rp over there. Not saying never do it just dont keep doing all day long.
  3. I agree its too fast but crims also always use the fastest cars to ambush. Also the purpose of the transport is to get the crim to the prison not to allow a bunch of you to outnumber the DOC and rescue your friend In all the ambushes i have been apart of not once the crims lost, the have more people, better guns and better cars, dont see the DOC and cops here asking for those nerfs. I enjoy the transports and yes theres always a chance of a fun ambush but complaining when it doesnt go your way sounds more that you want a nerf out of salt rather out of fairness. Its not fun when you transport
  4. Thats true, tacos are just too easy and costs little to nothing. Us that have the restaurants struggle at times, hope it changes and give the food industry a much more value.
  5. i can tell you for a fact that the heartstopper and the money shot fill you up from 15% too full but i understand from a rp point of view people dont come to burger shot as they rather spend time with other character they know awhile. still ill be open everytime i have a chance
  6. I agree, i run Burger Shot on a daily basis but sometimes is just too hard, just about anyone has access to Tacos minimizing by a lot the importance of other restaurants in the city.
  7. Yeah but 30 minutes is not alot of time but for a planned heist is enough.
  8. So i got a few ideas, some prob already been discussed. 1-Local cars...can they not disappear right away after been stolen, i think rp wise would be great if people could use some local cars for robberies. They are not used i think mainly cause after a couple minutes you leave the car its gone, let it be there for say 30 minutes so that if people decide to use some for a robbery then it will still be there for a great getaway plan. This would avoid the salt of some people getting their cars seized and also cops would have more variety of cars to chase and not the usual CTVS, GTO and some
  9. The way i told the guy chopping cars was bypassing my guy all the time not letting do anything then it looked like he was pulling a gun so my guy shot him...seems legit to me, as for the car half the cars in this city are stolen that was not enough proof to kidnap some1 but whatever i wasnt involved, im just the memory loss to be i thing...at this point today ive been a victim of just that, it breaks immersion people will use for their own benefit. Like the guy shot at chop shop could have decided to forget but for his own benefit he decided not too. All started with him, if he waited for his
  10. But that exploitable, people used as they please.
  11. Yeah thats kinda tricky but it would be fair for everyone i think,
  12. Yeah cause my guys change clothes and masks but kept the car but if they didnt had memory they would not go after my guys for revenge as they would not remember who had done it.
  13. I wasnt involved so im not reporting it, i think they are though. And yeah i would be great, you have some idea what happened but not who did it to you. The fact that you can choose not to forget is easily exploitable.
  14. Can we get this rule changed? I've noticed quite a few people choosing not to forget when they are down or killed in order to get revenge. This actually happened to a couple of my crew where a guy reached for his gun and my guy got him down, he used F6 to check his ID then after 20min him and his buddy found my guys and confirmed identity by again pressing F6 and kidnap them and killed them out of revenge. I think a lot of people are exploiting this in order to act on revenge. This is not a report is a suggestion to enforce that EVERYONE in the server that goes down or eventually had to respaw
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