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  1. Noticed there is no atm in the prison so you cannot utilize the store or gym if you do not have any money on you.
  2. Also keep in note backup the default resident file in case for the future if you want to revert changes.
  3. Just found something on the forums do not need to utilize the GUI but can instead use the commands, https://forum.cfx.re/t/dpclothing-1-0-3-clothing-variations-and-toggles-gloves-vest-top-hair-bag-and-more/1326317
  4. https://forum.cfx.re/t/pillbox-hospital-with-parking-lot/1452554 Found this parking lot on the forums.
  5. That wouldn't be realistic as having a command to get a you an outfit out of nowhere, I like the command idea's though. +1
  6. This should work for eup streaming- https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/cat-ears-for-mp-female
  7. This will be coming the future, Serpico mentioned this in a pretty recent stream.
  8. Omg that's a great idea!
  9. I was browsing in the fivem discord and found a creation that I thought would be a great suggestion. https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-prospecting-mini-game/1036258 Preview of this-
  10. As a criminal I feel we should have the option to possibly break, steal or, have some type of way to take cuffs off other people. An experience I had was I kidnapped my friend from the hospital as police were distracted, I tried every possible thing to uncuff him but later found out it was impossible unless with an officer.
  11. I fully go against this, economy works in ways which intend for wipes for a new roleplay experience if you care about your money more than the roleplay aspect whats the point of playing? Servers intend for wipes and updates as they want to keep it fair and realistic.
  12. Hey have fun!
  13. If you need the invite to the discord here https://discord.gg/U35qGy, and also the server is back up.
  14. The gangs in the city are already limited on many things, having four members for everything is absurd not only that but that means you can basically only have a gang of four.
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